Democratic Narcissists Are Painting Themselves Into a Corner

Portrait Commissioned by Obama, which is still being kept under wraps
Portrait Commissioned by Obama, which is still being kept under wraps

I found the money to help to get those planes out on time! Democrats could stop commissioning portraits of themselves!

For example, as the Washington Times first reported, outgoing EPA administrator Lisa Jackson’s portrait cost $38,350 [that’s a year’s salary for some of those custodians Obama wants to fire over sequester].

Air Force Secretary Michael Donnelly’s portrait cost $41,200 (that would pay for a new teacher. Even though the federal government hardly hires any teachers, they claim sequester will cause thousands of teachers to lose their jobs.]

Commerce Secretary John Bryson’s portrait cost $22,500. He served President Obama for eight months. [I guess that’s why his was so cheap.]

In two years, the Obama administration has spent almost $400,000 on oil portraits. The administration turned down ABC News’ request to enter a building to see some of the portraits hanging. But the White House told ABC News it is spending less than previous administrations did.

[Fine, could be true, maybe not, but did they have the end-of-life-as-we-know-it sequester cuts then? I know for sure that they didn’t have digital cameras. Why don’t we just take some good photos of these politicians and have Walmart develop them? What a cost savings that would be! We could feed a starving child or start to clean up all the dirty air and water.]

Some of the oil portraits are commissioned while secretaries are still serving. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack had a $22,500 portrait made, but when asked if we should stop doing oil portraits of former secretaries, he wouldn’t answer the question.

Full story at the ABCNew blog. Even CBS Radio reported it this morning.