Democrats are running Socialist training camps for prospective candidates. It is the only way Democrats can win in 2018 according to the Progressives. They must have “an uncompromising progressive message”, one of the trainer’s insisted.

Democrats are moving further left, towards Bernie.

On day one, the Progressive messaging expert said his goal is to make the opposition as angry as possible.

“I believe that I want to piss off the opposition as much as possible. I want them to be so angry they repeat my message over and over.,” the expert said.

About 300 candidates from 40 states were attending the camp and have pledged to advance progressive – Socialist – policies.

The success of their campaign is modeled off that of Bernie Sanders.

Socialist Elizabeth Warren spoke to the eager candidates about the leftist issues near and dear to her heart: debt-free college, Medicare-for-all, corporate accountability and more.

“The world has changed,” Warren said as she urged candidates to run for office. “Why did it change? It changed because of us. I don’t mean at Capitol Hill, I mean on the ground.”

She’s right! The U.S. is now deeply in debt, college is unaffordable, healthcare is unaffordable, our borders are open, MS-13 has a great hunting ground, our economy is in the doldrums, the income gap has widened, our foreign policy is a disaster, and Saul Alinsky is our new god, along with George Soros.

We too can be Venezuela.

h/t weasel zippers