Democrats Begin an All-Out Assault to Appoint a Leftist Justice


evil leahy

The onslaught has begun with Democrats already hitting hard against the GOP and demanding they go along with their fight for a leftist Justice. They have the unmitigated gall to talk about the Constitution which they’ve literally abandoned for seven years. The president has the right to nominate a Justice but there is NO constitutional obligation for Congress to discuss it.

It’s doubtful that the Republicans will hold out for a year but if they don’t, our last vestige of freedom will be gone. You can count on Obama’s every agenda item from climate rules, to universal healthcare to nationalizing police and industries to destruction of the Second Amendment. Anyone who doubts Obama is a Marxist needs to face reality.

Socialist/Independent Senator Patrick Leahy is out threatening Republicans Sunday.

If Republicans do let a nominee come to the floor, the battle will be much worse.

Fox News talked about the possibility of a Joe Biden appointment and they also said the Senate would not deny Joe. Joe Biden is as far left as any Marxist in the administration.


New York hack Senator Schumer was also out on Sunday claiming they didn’t engage in obstructionism when Republicans picked candidates which is a bald-faced lie of course. He wants to woo Republicans into going along with the process and “then we’ll see what happens.”

In 2007, Senator Schumer said the same exact thing should be done to any and all George W. Bush appointees. He wanted them all blocked. All Democrats moved to block Bush appointments.

They think we’re stupid you know.


The very corrupt Mrs. Clinton has this to say. The woman who doesn’t care about our Constitution or our national security. She needs to sit down and shut up.