Democrats Cry Out That Devin Nunes Is a “Russian Agent”


A Tuesday morning panel of crazies with power on Joe & Mika’s Morning Joe suggested, more than suggested, Devin Nunes is a Russian agent. They didn’t stop there, the GOP are also Russian agents. It’s fact the President is, according to them. One esteemed panelist claimed Speaker Ryan is like Joe McCarthy.

The theme of the entire discussion was Republicans are Russian agents and how could any believe what they’re saying — it’s not possible. Meanwhile, who used Russian intelligence for the fake dossier? The Democrats did!

Meanwhile, only a dozen Democrats outside the House Intel Committee have read the Memo, but somehow they know it’s false. This morning, the desperation reached fever pitch.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy said that the Memo is a purely partisan endeavor, adding we know the Russians are “deeply aligned” with Trump’s political future. Clearly, he knows nothing of the sort.

He made those comments knowing there is so far not a scintilla of evidence to support that statement.

“And what we know is that the Russians are still deeply aligned with Donald Trump’s political future. It was Russian bots that were spinning out the hashtag #SchumerShutdown during the three-day shutdown, trying to help Trump politically win that fight and you would expect that they will be aligned with him again this fall. In part because Trump has taken America off the playing field in places like the Middle East leaving Russia to gain influence, leaving Russia to gain influence all over.”

It is actually Obama who turned the Middle East over to Russia and Iran.

The Russian bot story is also lie. Russian bots accounted for .4% of the bots. The hashtag was spread by Americans.

Nunes is a Russian agent

Random House Editor Jon Meacham compared Speaker Ryan to Joe McCarthy.

“I’m particularly disappointed with Speaker Ryan. You wouldn’t have thought that the Wisconsin figure he would have something in common with would be Joe McCarthy, but right now it’s an open question,” Meacham said.

Bloomberg reporter Heidi Przybyla went so far as to say GOPers are “using Russian disinformation techniques.”

Bloomberg political editor John Heilemann asked one Democratic hack congressman if Devin Nunes is a Russian agent. The question was addressed to Congressman Swalwell.

“Congressman, I’m going ask you a question I asked senator Murphy earlier,” Heileman said, “it’s an impolitic question and one that would have seemed absurd in almost any other circumstance but congressman Nunes, your chairman it is suggested not by me but by people who follow these matters closely, could possibly be someone who’s been compromised by the Russians. Is that something you consider a possibility?”

Rep. Swalwell responded, “He certainly seems to be willing to risk the public to protect the president, to risk the rule of law to help the president’s case in the Russian investigation. He’s supposed to be recused. He’s been recused in body but not in spirit. Now he’s actively involved in this disruptive process.”

GOP does the bidding of Putin and his spies

Hack Joe Scarborough concluded, “And it’s extraordinary that the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan is now doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin and his intelligence agencies.”

Scarborough asked a Politico leftist what Ryan is getting out of this: “I understand Donald Trump. He will take any sleazy tactic he can to save himself and his family from going to jail. But Paul Ryan from Janesville, Wisconsin, a guy that I campaigned for in 1998. Janesville, Wisconsin — what does he get out of this?”

Politico reporter Jim Vandehei brought the devil into it to up the rhetoric, “They made a deal with the devil and they feel good about it.”

Co-host Mika said it seems almost to her “our policy caters to Russia.”

It’s still “Russia, Russia, Russia” with no evidence except that which shows Democrats worked closely with Russia on our uranium mine and technology. This is the state of our nation. One political party is far-left, dishonest, and will not deal in good faith.


  1. And that’s the reason I had “high confidence” that Trump would win over Hillary when no other would have had a remote chance. He proved early on that he would “take it” to the Left in the same manner as they have done in the past. No Republican had or would use Their tactics against Them. Because fire is being fought with fire the Only alternative for the Left is to go ballistic.

    The sycophant Left is Now in full-fledged panic mode. The usual tactics haven’t worked, because of the reciprocal fire. In the past, any right-leaning politician would have cowered into obscurity. Unfortunately for them Trump isn’t concerned with their attacks Or their narrative. I believe the lessons he learned when at the precipice of losing everything, and realizing his “friends” weren’t as they seemed, that prepared him for this current time. As he mentioned in the aftermath, it was a good lesson, because everything he worked at was a huge success. The result was a humility that is never revealed.

    Those on the left are even more desperate Now because they are realizing their hopes to regain power are dissipating. This Memo is the latest attack on their aspirations. They were assured the Russian narrative would bear fruit. It never occurred to them their own innermost secrets would be uncovered. Their only alternative looks to be doubling-down. The lack of imaginative thinking leaves no other course of action.

  2. Let’s see, they have been pushing the Russian narrative without proof for over a year, when they find proof and it’s against the democrats, then everyone is a russian operative??? you can’t be that stupid, can you?

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