So, What, Democrats Can’t Be Patriotic Now?

United We Stood Until Harvard Said We Can't


From the world of the ridiculous, two Harvard eggheads and their study emerge, linking July 4th celebrations with Republicans and right-wing everything. According to them, July 4th might also make your children Republicans.

Okay, they caught us celebrants red-handed – we’re all Republicans trying to infiltrate the minds of the young with a love of the U.S.A.

Very cagey of Republicans pretending to be pro-independence as they surreptitiously take over the minds of the young with fireworks and parades. What a plan!

The snoots who conducted the study want the celebrations to become less politicized – what does that mean? Should we celebrate everyone’s country and not mention the purpose of Independence Day? I personally think that is what they are getting at. Apparently, this is the first study of its kind – let us hope it is the last.

I guess this means Dems have to give up parades, fireworks and mentioning “Independence Day” now or they might (oh, the horror) become Republicans. Dems have already been told it’s stupid to believe in God and brilliant to love open borders. And, they better not dislike what President Obama is doing or they are racists.

From the dumbest study of 2011: “…We show that Fourth of July influences people’s political preferences and their political behavior. In particular, participating in the festivities during childhood shifts later-life preferences and behavior toward the Republicans and increases adult voter turnout…” Read here: If you enjoy July 4th celebrations, you are probably Republican according to one dumb study