Democrats Lose, Criminal Alien Gang Members Can Be Deported


The Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act passed in a 233-175 vote, and was backed largely by GOP lawmakers, and opposed by most Democrats. The legislation was introduced by Rep. Barbara Comstock. R-Va.

Democrats tried to stop the House bill that calls for criminal alien gang members to be deported but they failed. The bill aims at keeping criminal aliens from entering the U.S.

Ask yourself why Democrats would oppose keeping out criminal alien gang members.

The bill would require illegal immigrants in gangs to be detained and deported, and ensures that gang members are not able to receive immigration benefits, including asylum, special immigrant juvenile status or temporary protected status.

It’s a tool law enforcement needs. When Obama was president, border patrol was forced to release obvious gang members since many gang members are teens. It’s difficult to deport them now because of the leftist lawyers who fight it. This bill will help.

Democrats say they fear innocents could be caught up in this, including religious organizations who harbor them.

A bombshell report reveals the Obama Administration allowed illegal and violent MS-13 gang members into the U.S.

Customs and border protection documents show 16 teenagers crossing the border in 2014 admitted to be part of the deadly gang. But that didn’t stop the feds from placing them in community homes across the country. Democrat Claire McCaskill was upset the documents were released.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said Customs and Broder Protection documents were turned over to the panel by a whistleblower.

“CBP apprehended them, knew they were MS-13 gang members, and they processed and disbursed them into our communities,” Johnson said.

The gang members were regarded as refugees fleeing bad conditions in their homelands according to the Obama administration, the Washington Times reported.


  1. The next step would be to Expand the definition for gang including anyone who flies a Mexican flag or who supports expanding Mexico via “returning lands”.

  2. I was watching a young DACA woman being interviewed who came here at the age of four and heard a surprising revelation by her. She stated when she went to apply for a job, and since she didn’t have any documentation, the employer actually told her to Make up a social security number. This is a serious criminal offense, a felony I suspect, and if ANY DACA legislation is passed it should include the requirement that this person “out” this employer and he be charged with a felony and punished severely.

  3. Obama’s enabling and protection of “gang rights” were part of his “fundamental transformation” agenda. He favored (and still favors) anything that deteriorates the fabric of America, our Constitution.

    I am a bit heartless when it comes to violent gangs. I think their leaders should all be executed. If another rises to take his place, kill him. Keep doing this until the followers no longer exist.

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