Democrats Only Need Three Corrupt Voters in Each District in PA


Recounts are being called for in three key blue states but Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton hit a snag. In Pennsylvania, they need to find three corrupt voters in each of 9,000 districts. That shouldn’t be too hard. George Soros can send out his bots and recruit people to say the vote was questionable.

President-elect Donald Trump has been tweeting in response to the battle for recounts in the key states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Democrats continue to pressure electors to change their votes and Hillary Clinton has joined Green Party candidate Jill Stein pushing for recounts.

The Wisconsin Elections Committee is meeting Monday to prepare a recount after Stein successfully completed the necessary paperwork. Her campaign is raising funds for the Michigan recount but she’s hit a hurdle in Pennsylvania.

The crackpots need three voters in each election district to request a recount. They must allege some sort of wrongdoing.

Mr. Trump leads Michigan by nearly 11,000 votes, Wisconsin by 20,000 votes, and Pennsylvania by 71,000. It’s not likely the recount – at least not a legitimate one – will make a difference.

Hillary Clinton is claiming that she wasn’t planning on a recount but because Jill Stein is doing it, then she will join in. They feel it’s important to do in principle and make certain Mrs. Clinton’s interests are represented in court.

Such bull. Of course she is behind the recount. Who would just give Stein millions?

Newt Gingrich said, “It’s sad”, she’s living out a “psycho-drama in public” because she can’t face losing.