Democrats Putting the Post Office & the Taxpayer Out of Business


Made a right onto Willis Ave, passed the Post Office on my way to the Williston Park Diner when, wait a minute, I passed ANOTHER Post Office, just one mile from the first! Why do we need both?

Been out of the country for the past century? Still sending letters instead of emails? Paying your bills by mail?

Doubt it!

What a shock the following is –

  1. The post office is losing $25 million dollars a day! THAT’S A DAY!
  2. The Postmaster General stated that sometime next year (ready for this one!), the agency won’t be able to pay it’ 500,000 workers. THAT’S 500,000 of them!
  3. Its debt in 2016 will be $92 BILLION dollars. THAT’S BILLION with a “B”!

So what happens now? You won’t believe it! Only In Washington!

Management (yes, that’s the Government bureaucracy) wants to act prudently with a conscience  by –

  1. Closing half of its under-utilized offices (3000 of them!). The Democratic Senate said NO!
  2. Renegotiating absurd no-layoff contracts. The Democrats said NO!
  3. Ending Saturday delivery. Harry Reid said NO!
  4. The Post Office owes $45 BILLION dollars in unfunded liabilities to its retiree healthcare account.  It also owes the Treasury $15 billion dollars it already has borrowed to pay it’s bills. They want to prefund it’s liability now.


Instead, the Senate wants them to pay only 80%! Guess who will pay the rest? You guessed it! THE TAXPAYER!!!

So, what is the solution that Harry Reid, the Democrats and their federal union allies have come up with?

I will allow you only ONE guess!

The Senate voted this week to GIVE the Post Office another $34 BILLION DOLLARS and delayed any reform that would save money!!!  

Happy Birthday!

UNBELIEVABLE!!!  But, did you expect anything else?

Washington’s printing press is again working overtime!

Socialism ends when they run out of other people’s money.