Democrats Resort To Telling Bald-Faced Lies About Hobby Lobby


The Democrats are looking to resurrect the faux war on women out of desperation to win elections in November. They don’t have a case so they decided to lie about the Hobby Lobby case. They want to make it a cause célèbre and they are counting on citizens being too ill-informed to know they are lying.

No woman will be kept from birth control because of the Hobby Lobby decision. Women can still use whatever birth control they choose.

The truth is you can buy the abortifacients for about $5 or you can go to Planned Parenthood and get them for free. This case was only a case about preserving rights of conscience which the government wants to control.

Hobby Lobby has and will continue to pay for health insurance that provides birth control. Out of 20 alleged birth control pills/devices, they did not approve of 4 abortifacients. They don’t believe in abortion. This case was never about banning birth control, it was about protecting religious freedom.

The case was not fought on constitutional grounds, it was fought on the basis of a 1993 law (Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) passed by Congress almost unanimously and signed by Bill Clinton. When Kathleen Sebelius put through the HHS mandate forcing companies to pay for birth control, abortifacients and surgical sterilizations, she violated this law. If the Justices did not find for Hobby Lobby, they would have been in effect saying that it is okay for someone in a government agency to violate a law passed by Congress.

A finding for the government would have eliminated Freedom of Religion.

The Justices deliberately kept the decision very narrow so there would be no restrictions on the rights of others.

The left is pretending corporations can now tell women what birth control they can use when in fact only small companies were affected. Companies, by the way, are made up of people and they have the right to a conscience.

The Democrats have taken to lying because, as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said she hopes it will bring the voters out if they think they are going to be kept from securing birth control.

Last November, Valeri Jarret wrote on the White House blog, “No corporate entity should be in position to limit women’s legal access to care, or to seize a controlling interest over the health care choices of women,” Jarrett wrote on the White House blog. “To take that type of power away from individuals, and to let the personal beliefs of a woman’s boss dictate her health care choices would constitute a major step backward for women’s health and self-determination.”

A complete lie.

“The issue before this body is not about access to contraceptives,” Sen. Ted Cruz said, contrary to arguments coming from the left. But it would chip away at the First Amendment and impose what he called “faith fines” upon Catholic religious organizations.

After the Hobby Lobby decision came down, Jarret tweeted this:


TBT is throwback Thursday, a day Twitter users share their photos and information that is a “throwback” to an earlier time.

Harry Reid planned to overthrow the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States with legislation.

“We have so much to address over the coming weeks, Mr. President. Sportsmen’s bill denied, the highway bill, emergency supplemental, manufacturing legislation”, Reid said, “we going to do something about the Hobby Lobby legislation, we need to correct.”

The decision in the Hobby Lobby case was not legislation. He doesn’t even seem to know what the SCOTUS does. They don’t pass legislation.

Patty Murray tried to pass the Protect Women’s Health From Corporate Interference Act, a misnomer if I ever heard one. Murray was trying to overturn the Supreme Court ruling! These people have no respect – none – for the Separation of Powers.

Her crazy bill failed.

Rep. Jackie Speier compared access to contraception to the Boko Haram kidnappings. She is the one who famously said that the Taliban are “not necessarily terrorists.”

She sent out a tweet yesterday that compared access to contraception to the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian girls by the militant group Boko Haram. Speier included an infographic from the United Nations along with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, which is a reference to the kidnapping of 230 girls from the Chibok Government Secondary School.

Nancy Pelosi said “the Supreme Court was deciding which contraception methods are legal, rather than whether some corporations must pay for them through their employees’ health insurance plans.”

Megyn Kelly obliterated that lie on The Kelly File:

Not to be outdone Barbara Boxer lied about the Hobby Lobby ruling, claiming the ruling is keeping birth control from women. She even put an infographic on her Facebook page (via weasel zippers) with this comment: just put the pieces together yourself. Congress must fix #HobbyLobby and make health care #NotMyBossBusiness


SCOTUS will soon hear cases like that of the Little Sisters of the Poor. They don’t want to provide birth control to their employees because they believe it is a sin.  The left will have a field day walking all over their religious rights.

The leftists at the National Organization for Women (NOW) put the Sisters on the Dirty 100 list. The Sisters are women who devote their lives to helping the poor, handicapped and underprivileged while NOW is an organization of angry leftists who only support the rights of leftist women.

Here’s an idea – if you don’t like the Little Sisters’ views, get a job somewhere else.

All the lying is for votes, nothing else. As Wasserman-Schultz said, it will bring voters to the polls – fighters in the faux war on women.

Before the bill to circumvent SCOTUS was blocked, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), said the Democrats and women’s groups have distorted the Hobby Lobby decision for political gain.

“I really am disappointed that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle would try to score election-year points by misrepresenting what the Hobby Lobby decision stands for,” Ayotte said. “I just hope that this not-my-boss business campaign, that people understand that it’s really misrepresenting that bosses will not have the authority to restrict a woman’s access to contraception.”

I’m disappointed that the Democrats are bald-faced liars and will do anything for votes. This is what our political system has wrought.