Democrats Respond with “Minds in the Gutter” Over Trump Tweet

Kirsten Gillibrand, the “hottest” member of Congress according to Harry Reid. That must have offended Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters who are also vying for the role.

The battle between New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and President Donald Trump has been heating up. After Gillibrand’s last volley, in which she insisted he resign over unproven sexual allegations, the President tweeted that the “lightweight Senator” was a “total flunky” for Chuck Schumer and who would come “begging” him for “campaign contributions”, adding she “would do anything for them.” He also mentioned her disloyalty to Bill Clinton and his wife “Crooked”.

His tweet has more than 64,000 likes because a lot of us don’t like the whiney phony Kirsten Gillibrand who ran for the Senate as pro-Second Amendment but, after one discussion with Chuck Schumer, became anti-gun.

The President is right about Gillibrand’s treatment of the Clintons. They were there for her every step of the way when she needed them but she recently sold Bill out when it was politically advantageous. She has higher ambitions than the Senate.

The Democrats know the Russia collusion story is going nowhere and they have moved on to sexual molestation accusations against Trump. Gillibrand is leading the way.

Bill Clinton and Kirsten Gillibrand in happier days.

The President’s tweet drew condemnation from the left who are not used to any push back. In fact, Republicans aren’t used to it either. Gillibrand told the media his tweet was sexist and meant to silence her. Actually, she’s trying to not only silence him, but get him to resign.

During a presser Tuesday, April Ryan called the President’s tweet sexual and Sarah Sanders responded by telling her “your minds in the gutter if you read it that way”.

Afterwards, Pocahontas tweeted a most unfortunate comment about Gillibrand being “slut-shamed”. She made it sound as if she knows Gillibrand is sleeping her way to the top. She tweeted, “Are you really trying to bully, intimidate, and slut-shame @SenGillibrand?” She also tweeted, “Do you know who you’re picking a fight with? Good luck with that @realDonaldTrump”.

We are fairly certain he knows who he is fighting with, an opportunistic lightweight toady.

President Trump is being lambasted for the tweet but it’s the leftist Democrats who are going low with their accusations. How many times has any of us used the expression that someone “would do anything” to gain some advantage? It’s not a sexual comment unless someone adds to it.


  1. Sarah was right about one having there mind in the gutter. I read that “slut-shame” remark and for a couple minutes tried to figure out what she meant. I gave up after that. I guess when your entire life in centered around finding allegations you don’t have the capacity for anything else.

    They are certainly delusional if the media wants me to believe any of these women. The Democrats have used character assassination for more than a generation. Each cycle it gets more and more extreme. Anything and everything is thrown out there. We were once called baby-killers and the Democrats have taken that and applied it to the opposition, wanting children to die, grandmother to die, starve children, and on and on. Each time the rhetoric is heightened to a fever pitch, bigot, racist, and on and on. So NOW we are to believe a NEW tactic of child molestation. If it weren’t for that Democrat History it might have been believed. Your desperation, Democrats, have increased your losses and will continue, since this is your only message, for more than a generation.

  2. Democrats, well and Republicans are so incensed over Moore, BUT what about Biden. The montage of him fondling young girls is creepy in the extreme, and these are much more recent. The one instance when Biden “slides” his hand down over the little girls chest and she pulls away sure looks like the acts of a pervert. THIS IS A CASE OF VIDEO PROOF. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Liberals and media have been, and still are silent.

  3. Here’s a thought for all those who say we MUST believe the women. How many cases of rape where the man is sitting in prison for decades and RECENTLY, through DNA, found him to be innocent. Are those men STILL GUILTY. Are the women now still believed.

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