Democrats, The Party of Yes



If the Republicans are the party of “no”, isn’t it fair to say the Democrats are the party of “yes”?

It’s “yes” to wild and unbridled spending. We are now more than $17.5 trillion in debt. We had record revenues last quarter but we also had record debt -nearly a half trillion in one quarter. Democrats must think it’s okay because they still back Barack Obama.

Democrats want illegal immigration and uncontrolled borders. Thousands of children, some of whom are gang bangers (It should be noted that most of these children are not gang bangers), are pouring into the country. Adults are coming also. All of them will be dependents. Mr. Obama has promised them housing, food, medical care, education and lawyers to help them stay.

The drug cartels control the border according to ICE. They are ferrying illegals back-and-forth across the Rio Grande in full view of law enforcement. More than a thousand illegals a day are coming over.

It will give Mr. Obama his one party rule because they will be Democrats by a margin of about 8 to 1.

We are allowing all of Central America and Mexico to come into the country illegally if they choose to do so. Our immigration policies and open borders lure them here and our benefits, including lawyers for every one of the children, will keep them here.

Don’t forget that this sets up chain migration because Democrats won’t allow families to be split up.

Democrats want a rewrite of immigration law that does not control the borders first because they don’t want them controlled.

Eric Holder, a party leader, said it’s a civil right to come here and stay illegally.

Our borders are secure:

It’s a yes to negotiating with terrorists. If Taliban war criminals are released for one questionable soldier, that’s all good.

Yes, we will get in bed with the terrorist  nation of Iran to thwart other terrorists. It’s equivalent to giving Iran the OK to take over Iraq if they can wrest control from the rabid “religious” killers in ISIS.

Yes, it’s great that our administration has no fear of the public or their perception of them. It’s like watching King Louis and Marie Antoinette parading around in gilded carriages while the peasants starve. This past weekend, Barack Obama vacationed at a luxury resort while Iraq burned and Americans were hold up in airports and in the Baghdad embassy. VP Biden is at the World Cup.

To be fair, Mr. Obama spent the whole weekend at Rancho Mirage “contemplating” his strategy – will the putt break left or will the putt break right.

Oh well, what difference at this point does it make?

And it’s a “yes” to ending gun violence by taking guns away from legal gun owners. Nothing more to say about that. It’s self-explanatory.

Yes, the NSA can spy on every citizen and yes the government can arrest or drone citizens – trust them.

Yes, Yes, and Yes to hiding emails from congress when they’re investigating illegal targeting of political opponents. Yes, it’s okay to lie about it.

Democrats say yes to spying on reporters.

Benghazi is no big deal. Only four people died.

Yes to marijuana! Keep us drugged, that will work. The fact that the president is violating the law of the land to allow illegal marijuana in two states is irrelevant.

Voter fraud and not allowing voter ID is a great idea that Democrats love. The NAACP insists on photo ID to march with them when they protest and Eric Holder demands photo ID to listen to him speak. This all makes sense to Democrats, the yes people.

Go ahead and leak whatever if you are Barack Obama. Leak Stuxnet and harm Israel. Leak the CIA station chief’s name in Kabul. Tell the world SEAL Team Six killed Osama.

Definitely give college students the impression that they are entitled to a college education at the expense of all Americans just as workers in private companies are entitled to big raises.

Buying votes by giving unions anything they want is all good.

The media should cover for the president. They are no longer watchdogs. They are an arm of the executive and mingle as part of the elite ruling class. That’s a big yes.

Going after Christians is certainly a positive, especially if they are serving their country. Rid the country of God, crosses and bibles but don’t say a word against radical Islamists. In fact, the term “radical Islam” can’t even be used in polite society.

Ignore the Constitution, the law of the land, claim it’s alive, play games with it, make it conform to how the elite in power feel it should confom.

Definitely abandon countries we made commitments to and ignore the soldiers who died or were wounded for those commitments. Then take their benefits away and cut their salaries. While giving medical care to illegals for free, put the veterans on waiting lists for their care. If they die, oh well, some live, some die, as sebelius would say.

Democrats have been saying “yes” for six years now, when will the rest of us start appreciating the party of “no”? Don’t we want politicians to say “no” to all of  this?