Democrats Want to Reward the IRS for Their Good Work


IRS reaper

Photo of the IRS reaper

For their fine work targeting conservatives and wasting money on decadent conferences and moronic videos, the IRS will be rewarded with an increased budget if Democrats have their way.

What a great idea! The IRS could singlehandedly wipe out conservatives if given enough money. The really clever aspect of all this is conservatives’ tax dollars will have to go for their own demise.

via the hill

Senate Democrats on Tuesday proposed increasing the budget of the Internal Revenue Service and other financial agencies next year.

The IRS would get $12.07 billion in funding under the Financial Services subcommittee bill reported to the full Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, an increase of $276.5 million.

House Republicans, in contrast, have suggested cutting the IRS’s budget by 24 percent.

I’m afraid that IS will have to go with the Republicans on this one. In fact, let’s abolish the IRS and go ahead with a flat tax or a fair tax!