Democrats Say Trump Colluded with a Foreign Enemy


Josh Earnest, Obama’s spokesperson, basically accused Donald Trump of colluding with a foreign enemy to corrupt our elections.

Earnest made the accusations at a recent presser.

Earnest referred to a joke Trump made as if it were a serious entreaty of Putin.

“There’s ample evidence that was known long before the election and in most cases long before October about the Trump campaign and Russia — everything from the Republican nominee himself calling on Russia to hack his opponent.

In the next clip, you can listen to the joke that Earnest is referring to. The New York Times on Wednesday also referred to the joke as a call for collusion with Russia.

Earnest continued with his conspiracy theory, something the New York Times also engaged in on Wednesday in an article titled, The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the US, which included no facts and no conflicting opinions:

“It might be an indication that he was obviously aware and concluded, based on whatever facts or sources he had available to him, that Russia was involved and their involvement was having a negative impact on his opponent’s campaign. That’s why he was encouraging them to keep doing it.”

“The Republican nominee referred to the president of Russia as a strong leader. The Republican nominee chose a campaign chair that had extensive, lucrative personal financial ties to the Kremlin.”

“It was obvious to those who were covering the race that the hack-and-leak strategy that had been operationalized was not being equally applied to the two parties and to the two campaigns.”

“There’s one side that was bearing the brunt of that strategy and another side that was clearly benefiting from it. Now, I know there’s a lot of reporting that there may be some disagreement in the intelligence community about whether or not that was the intent — that’s a question that they should ask and a question that they may attempt to answer — but there certainly was no doubt about the effect.”

What about the fact that Obama not only tried to impact Israel’s election, he sent people over to Israel to campaign against Netanyahu?

It wasn’t Trump who gave Putin a US uranium mine and US technology. That was the Clintons.

Tucker Carlson is on the case. He pressed a Democratic representative on the matter.

“I have lived here a long time,” Tucker said. “Long enough to believe it’s entirely within bounds and patriotic to question the findings of the intelligence community. It’s a bunch of different agencies, often at war with each other, often reaching contradicting conclusions, and sometimes wrong conclusions. So why is it out-of-bounds to say, show me the evidence, tell me more and maybe you don’t buy what they say. Are you not allowed to say that now? What is this anyway?”


  1. The Democrats just can’t believe that they lost fair and square because they ran a terribly flawed candidate. I am 74 years and I cannot recall a politician on the national scale who was as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. Her skin probably boils when she enters a church especially with Bill. The information that was released about the emails was the truth. There is an old adage — if you don’t want it public, then don’t write it down. They played with fire and got scorched! SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP!!!!!!!

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