Dems Deny ‘Bank of America Stadium’ – Then Deny Denying It


The Democrat National Committee took a calculated risk in determining the location of their 2012 convention.  It would seem fairly obvious they chose Charlotte, North Carolina in an all-out effort to win that State in the November election, as well as push heavily against the DixieCrats and strong Republican hold on all southern states.  We won’t really know how successful that effort has been until the votes are counted on November 6th, but it’s highly unlikely that the entire South will swing to the Democrat Party column.  However, winning just North Carolina would seem to make it all worthwhile.
One other glaring risk the Democrats have taken is the actual location selected for the President’s acceptance speech – the 73,000 seat outdoor stadium known by its sponsor name – Bank Of America Stadium.  A name the DNC has instructed everyone to ignore in favor of “Panther’s Stadium”.  Yes, I know they DNC strongly denies it, but if that’s so, why are even the Obama loving members of the press using Panther’s Stadium?  It’s because they’re doing what they’re told, it’s as simple as that.

In case you’re wondering, here’s why:

“While the Charlotte-based Bank of America does not own the stadium or have a sponsorship role in the Democratic National Convention, its name is everywhere, from glowing letters on the stadium’s facade to logos plastered near the end zone Jumbotron.

Each reference is a reminder of the bank’s high-profile role in the financial crisis that triggered the Great Recession, a $45 billion government bailout and what has been its, at times, contentious relationship with Obama over the past three and a half years.

At the height of the financial crisis in 2009, the president publicly shamed Bank of America and its peers for the financial practices that contributed to the recession.  And he lobbied them to boost lending and back regulatory reform.

“I think that the ‘bully pulpit’ can be a powerful thing,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said in 2009 after Bank of America executives met with Obama.

Amid heated populist debate last year over Bank of America’s planned $5 monthly debit card fee, Obama made the bank a poster child of profit-seeking at the expense of the average consumer.

He called the fee “not a good practice” and blasted the bank’s unwillingness to “take a little bit less of a profit” during an interview with ABC News.

Earlier this year, the Obama Justice Department squeezed millions from the bank as part of a $25 billion federal settlement over abusive mortgage practices and assurances it would cease the practice of so-called “robo-signing,” which helped push thousands of homeowners into vulnerable financial positions and into foreclosure.

“America’s biggest banks, banks that were rescued by taxpayer dollars, will be required to right these wrongs,” Obama said at the time.  “They will deliver some measure of justice for families that have already been victims of abusive practices.”

The juxtaposition of Bank of America and Obama’s nomination — more coincidence than choice — may be awkward for Democrats, who have seemed eager to distance themselves from the ties during their big convention week.

Several early, official, DNC-related communications referred to the final night’s venue as “Panther’s Stadium,” suggesting an attempt to drop the Bank of America reference — a motive Democratic officials have denied.

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee in August quietly announced it was transferring all of its accounts and financial business from Bank of America to the union-owned Amalgamated Bank.  One credit line has already moved and other accounts are underway, sources said.”

Please read the entire report from East Idaho News dot com by clicking right here.

There’s another problem or two the Democrats are facing.  It’s going to cost a lot of money to bus in several (read “many”) thousands of warm bodies to actually fill that outdoor stadium.  Busloads are rolling in from as far away as 500 miles just to avoid the embarrassing scene of empty seats.  Somebody has to pay for all of those busses, meals, accommodations, etc., and that “somebody” has to be the DNC.  Will the unions jump in and save the day by releasing a few more million dollars?  The guess here is “yes”, they will.

The very latest problem to rear its ugly head is the weather.  The forecast is for a 30% chance of rain, but the Democrats are quite likely to convert that to a predicted monsoon and move the entire program indoors.  That would solve the empty seats problem, but the indoor facility holds just 20,000, so where do all of those bussed in folks go?  Back home on the same busses, I’m sure.

PS:  You won’t hear much about any of this from the mainstream media – they have their marching orders and will speak in only glowing terms of their favorite son.