Dems Have a New Slogan to Replace ‘ A Better Deal’, They Share It With Others


House Democrats have a new slogan to take the place of their bland “Better Deal” come on. The economy is doing much better without them so it’s hard to know what the better deal would be with them. Democrats have moved on to a new slogan — “For the People”. They think it will entice more voters, Politico reported.

The Democrat leaders say it will counter the Trump ‘tweet’ machine, according to The Washington Times.

BizPacReview found a used car dealership in Texas that bills themselves as ‘Scott Elder For the People’. We also found a legal drama called, ‘For the People’.

It doesn’t stop there.  Personal injury attorneys have already grabbed the website, ‘for the’.

Another ‘for the people’ website helps people manage stress. And there is a a ‘forthepeople’ furniture store. Republican Abe Lincoln also used the phrase in The Gettysburg Address.  Last but not least is the ‘porn for the people’ website.

Ambulance chasers, used car dealers, stress managers, porn, and others came up with it first.

Maybe that’s why Nancy said Democrats offer a ‘better deal for the people’ in her latest presser, combining the two.

Instead of slogans, they might consider coming up with a workable platform instead of pushing the little know-nothing Communist from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In this clip, she talks about swamps, cesspools, and the ‘better deal for the people’. Just take her word for it.



  1. I believe I saw this slogan in Communist China propaganda 20 some years ago as they scrounged for a lying didactic in their mind-sell filth.

  2. Would not be surprised if the desperate Democrats resurrect FDR’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” ‘The Four Freedoms” are 1) freedom of speech and expression, 2) freedom of religion, 3) freedom from want, and 4) freedom from fear. The second pair cannot be rights at all. To be alive is to have needs and to always be able to benefit from something more. Only the dead are truly free from want. Of course, Roosevelt meant by “freedom from want” that somehow people have a right to some basic sustenance, shelter, and some other preferred list of “basic goods.” But what about the people who must provide these things? They must suffer unjust unjust taxation, conscription, or regulatory exaction-to force them to produce and distribute the “basic goods.”

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