Dems RNC Convention Reax – “Nothing To See Here; Move Along”


In an effort to stall the anticipated surge in popularity of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Democrat Party operatives immediately reacted to the Republican National Convention speeches with a “ho-hum – who cares?” attitude, pretty clearly indicative of a party on the ropes and trying desperately to rekindle the spirit of “Hope and Change”, which greased the rails for President Barack Obama in 2008.

Democrats are not only attempting to save a failed President, they’re also working feverishly to maintain control of the all-important United States Senate – a subject that they don’t want to talk about and one that the Republicans have failed to publicize to the point that most voters are ignoring the topic and we’re just a few weeks pre-election.

Here’s a published news report, written by James Rosen at that clearly reflects the Obama campaign thinking, with my comments interjected in BOLD:

“A senior Obama campaign official tells Fox News, in response to the Romney speech: “There was no big idea here,” adding that Romney “recycled widely debunked attacks.”

The aide said President Obama has not been watching the RNC but has been briefed on the goings-on.”

A fairly predictable opening line, all things considered.  Suggesting “widely debunked attacks” would be meaningful if it was supported with actual documentation later, but that’s not the case.

“OFA claims Romney’s plan to create 12 million jobs is unsupported by any concrete proposals, and that economists say the Obama administration is already on track to create that number of jobs by the end of this term.”

Clearly, the Obama administration intends to focus on the pitiful “jobs created” figures over the past three years, which don’t even reach the minimum standards to reduce unemployment, as some sort of positive achievement.  In fact, it’s an embarrassing failure and doesn’t come close to the President’s promise of reduced unemployment at any time during his first three years as President.

“OFA also says Romney cannot possibly deliver energy independence by 2020 given his opposition to the fuel economy standards for cars on which he administration, with input from Detroit, finalized rule-making this week.”

The whole point behind the Obama regulation(s) released just last week was politically motivated and probably an impossible task for any of the automakers to reach.  One swift swipe of his pen and a President Romney could make Obama’s Executive Order null and void – and he should do so within hours of being sworn in.

If you want to see the stock market skyrocket, just publicize a policy of “Drill, Baby, Drill”.  Lifting the oil and natural gas restrictions on American companies may not “deliver energy independence by 2020”, but it would be a huge step in the right direction and the anticipated benefits would far outweigh the negative.

“Campaign aides to the president said the Democratic convention in Charlotte will present a marked contrast with the RNC.

“Ours will not be a reinvention convention,” said one staffer. “Only Mitt Romney has been talking about the need to reinvent himself.”

The DNC gathering, aides said, will emphasize middle class security and feature ordinary citizens who are “American heroes.”

Mitt Romney is running on his record of accomplishments and business – as well as political – success.  If the DNC and the OFA intend to run the Obama campaign on the very same tactic, the outcome will be a disaster.  They need a new slogan, a clarion call for support based on race, and a repeat of the exact same promises Obama made in 2008 and proceeded to break over the first three and a half years of his presidency.

“Asked if the DNC will roll out any new attacks on the Romney-Ryan ticket or fresh appeals from the president, one OFA senior official told Fox News: “I know reporters are obsessed with the new, but you’re going to hear from us what you’ve already heard.”

That’s not even close to accurate.  The Democrats have already indicated a willingness to conduct a vicious, divisive campaign based on personal attacks, rather than debate on the issues and they’ve pretty well established strong support from the media to carry out that plan.

The very words uttered by this unnamed operative will be blown completely out of the water even before the Democrat Convention, and will most-certainly be forgotten before that convention is gaveled to a close.