Department of Defense Spends Hundreds of Millions on Gophers


DOD saves gophers

I was hoping to get to this a few days ago but other issues were more pressing. This is not to be ignored however. While we have 650,000 civilians being furloughed on military bases due to sequester, the Department of Defense (DOD) is spending millions on the Mazama pocket gopher. The checkerspot butterflies and streaked horned larks also stand to benefit from the DOD’s largesse with our taxpayer money.

It warms my heart, how about you?

The DOD has spent $400 million in the last ten years buying up land around military bases – taking the property off the tax rolls – so the gophers, butterflies and larks can flit about in a carefree manner.

When DOD is not fighting wars, they are apparently saving gophers to satisfy the extremists in the environmental movement.

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