Deputy AG Announces Mueller Needs Permission to Expand Russia Investigation


Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, that the DoJ is not engaged in a “fishing expedition” in the Russia influence investigation. Any expansion of the Russian investigation, beyond the scope which he says has been laid out privately, would require permission.

Was this a notice to Robert Mueller or just meant to calm the public? Has he given permission?

If special counsel Robert Mueller finds any crime outside the scope of the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, then he’ll have to seek permission, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said Sunday.

“Bob Mueller understands and I understand the specific scope of the investigation, and so no, it’s not a fishing expedition,” he said.

Apparently, Mueller has gotten permission to pursue the Michael Flynn case beyond Russia since they are said to be looking at possible kickbacks from the Turkish government, though they could be tied.

What has led to the speculation is the fact that Mueller has two grand juries: one is in D.C., an anti-Trump district. He’s begun issuing subpoenas, and some are allegedly for Trump businesses and Jared Kushner’s family’s real estate empire.

If Mueller does find something, anything, he will have a very friendly grand jury in D.C. which is about 96% anti-Trump.

Chris Christie also spoke on Fox News Sunday and helped tamp down speculation if you believe him.

“The coverage about how monumental this was [the scope of the Russia investigation] is just a fundamental misunderstanding of the way this process works, Christie said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

He explained Mueller’s use of such a jury “a normal step taken by a careful prosecutor who is doing a thorough investigation.”

Also interesting, is Rod Rosenstein’s comment that if they find congressmen who are leakers, they will be prosecuted. Congressmen are thought to be notorious leakers.

We’ll believe that when we see the prosecutions.

Famed lawyer Jonathan Turley writing for the hill insists Rosenstein needs to recuse himself.

Go to about 07:00:

They have “zero credibility” on this, said Jason Chaffetz.


  1. BS. Rod knew perfectly well what he was doing when he appointed Mueller. He also left the scope sufficiently broad enough to make room for a fishing expedition.

  2. People have used the case of the Pentagon Papers as evidence that SCOTUS ruled the Press cannot be held criminally liable. Well, that case wasn’t decided any criminal liability. It only concerned the matter of ‘prior restraint’. I had little to do with the First Amendment. Therefore, the press is not allowed to do as they please in these leak cases. The per curiam decision merely cites the language from an earlier prior restraint case and then concludes that the government had failed to meet its burden. It was Only Justice Black that wrote of “no prior restraint” as a core First Amendment principle.

    It has been stated that if Mueller had empaneled a Grand Jury it can only be the result of no evidence found. The Special Council already has authority alone to subpoena and question witnesses. We must not forget the media are not the most intelligent (Acosta, or well informed.

    How ironic it would be after so many praising Rosenstein if he were to find a Congressman guilty of leaking classified information, especially if it were Adam Schiff.

    One thing that should be considered is the report many in the investigation team are seeking “liability insurance”. A good article on these matters is written by the Duran.

    There is also the possibility that if all this is for naught it may end up Trump being untouchable. If this happens to be the end result the internet should begin a ‘meme’ of the White House team being the New Untouchables who pursue corruption.

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