Desperate Pelosi Rants in Defiance of America First


Nancy Pelosi responded to President Trump’s State of the Union speech with a stammering hate-filled rant. Pelosi and her hard-left crew are crazed when President Trump tweets sarcastically or calls them out, yet they can spew anything and it’s not only acceptable, it’s praised.

Listen to this lunatic response to the President’s speech where he called for unity, standing up for the flag, honored victims of terrorist regimes and MS-13, and finally, when he praised the monuments to our freedoms. Probably one of the most offensive things for Pelosi is when he said, “Americans are dreamers too.”

She talked about the President’s self-congratulatory speech but it was Obama who did that.

According to a transcript of the speech released by CNN, Trump referred to himself in the first person singular 30 times. He said the word “I” 29 times, in addition to adding one “me.”

Obama, when he delivered his first State of the Union, used “some version of ‘I’ or ‘me’ nearly 100 times,” wrote Dan Gainor, the vice president for business and culture at the Media Research Center.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Gainor wrote that Obama made these “I” or “me” references nearly four times as often as Trump did.

“Obama’s 2010 speech was littered with “I” or a contraction in some form or another — 88 times, with another 10 “me,” Gainor wrote.

Trump talked about an “American moment” while Obama talked about managing the “decline” of America.

As for the tax scam, the biggest winners are the middle class according to the CATO Institute.

Over 2 million U.S. employees will receive bonuses or raises this year thanks to the Trump tax cuts. Pelosi and crew don’t like tax cuts.

She called the $1,000 bonuses “crumbs“.

She is still on the fake Russia story for which there is zero evidence and there is no way she will let her House minions support any infrastructure bill. The woman is desperate and out of her mind with hate.

President Trump called for unity and offered fig leaves while promoting America First last night. The reason Pelosi hated it is because she hates America.

She is out of touch. Most Americans know the President was trying to unite the country and that she’s a fruitcake.

Seventy-five percent of Americans approved of his speech in another poll. Surely they are not proud of this hate-filled rant by Pelosi.


  1. I consider myself a blue collar independent and despise Democrats and Republicans equally. Pelosi and Clinton are the best of gifts to the Republican Party. Both self serving, both not interested in anything that does not increase their potential for keeping their influence which they sell for votes or monetary gain. Imagine being willing to hurt lower earning Americans by reducing their pay and exhausting their social services with pro-illegal immigration policies designed primarily to increase the Democratic Party’s voter base. Perhaps if I could afford to live in a mansion with low paid servants who use social services without having to contribute taxes, I would change my position. I think not !!!!!!!!!

  2. Nancy Pelosi is a pinhead. She and Cryin’ Chuck have proved beyond all doubt that their hatred of Donald Trump overrides any concern they claim to have for the American people. Unfortunately, the useful idiot Democrats that follow their lead don’t have the balls to vote in favor of anything the Republicans propose for the benefit of the people. Democrats put party over people…the people they were elected to SERVE AND REPRESENT in Congress.

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