Desperate Plan to Fix NFL’s Falling Ratings Is Just Silly


The NFL has a plan to solve their crash and burn ratings. Before we tell you of the plan, you need to hear the reason why they think their ratings are going down. They’ve come to the conclusion people are over-saturated with football. While that may be true, that’s not their biggest problem.

It’s about the protests stupid.

The NFL blew it. They could have told Colin Kaepernick to stand during the Anthem but they wouldn’t do it. There were rules and practices in place to support a decision like that. It’s the same guidance that prevented the Dallas Cowboys from wearing decals honoring the five murdered police officers in Dallas. Instead, the NFL let the protests grow and fans are subjected to fists in the air, kneeling, sitting, hiding in the locker room instead of watching players take a brief moment to honor the country.

There is a plan to fix the ratings decline, but since they couldn’t correctly identify the problem, they’ve come up with the wrong solution.

The suits at the networks came up with this fix. Network television executives, desperate to solve the problem of the NFL’s falling ratings, decided to cut games from their broadcast schedule.

They will cut Thursday Night Football by a whopping ten games.

The idea is to trim Thursday Night Football from 18 games a season to only eight. This was first reported by Sports Business Journal. According to the report, they also want to cut the early morning games from London, a key part of the NFL’s expansion plans.

The report goes on to terrify the NFL by noting that NFL ratings are down 7 percent from the same point last season.

And a whopping 18 percent compared to the 2015 season. But the news gets worse for the NFL.

TV executives are in an absolute panic about the massive 11 percent ratings drop for the critical 18- to 34-year-old demographic group.

What would help a lot is the NFL telling the players to stand!

This plan should make things worse.



  1. I got tired of professional and most of the big-time sports. Quit watching them on TV many years ago. Money is just too big and attitudes about ‘must win’ has overcome most of the reason I participated in sports and fervently loved them.

    If done properly, I enjoy watching kids play, but must admit most of that is pretty screwed up as well. In Texas, high schools are building football staiums and sports complexes that cost $80-100 million. It’s not just the athletic teams that are involved. The band members, dance teams, flag corps., cheerleaders, etc. number in the hundreds and they get lots of parents, siblings, and other family members attending and many of them could care less about the athletic stuff.

    All of it seems innocent and logical to do until the usual corrosive and corruptive forces come into play.

    • I agree. In NY, it costs hundreds to go to a game. It’s not worth it. We also have traffic. The best seats are bought up by corporations for clients or contests. If our hockey team comes back to Long Island, their games would be worth it. Baseball isn’t too bad.

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