Desperation as FBI Tries to Hide Corruption


The FBI is desperate to keep the contents of the FISA abuse memo and the names of the actors mentioned from the public. Rep. Goodlatte who has read the memo said it deals with “the conduct” of people at the “very highest levels of the FBI”. In addition, agents Strzok and Page planned to take classified information.

No matter the memo shows, there is proof of corruption in the Hillary scandal, in the prior and latest releases of text messages, and in the spying of members of the Trump campaign.

Rep. Jeff Duncan tweeted that the FBI Director is demanding all names be redacted on the FISA abuse memo but the President has already said the memo will be released with the names, CNN reported.

The FBI has reportedly sent five agents to the House Intel Committee to alter the FISA abuse memo. This is in addition to Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein meeting with President Trump.

Sara Carter reported they are simply trying to buy time.

“It appears there is a concerted effort on the part of the FBI, members of the intelligence community and the Department of Justice to try to force the president to delay the release of the memo,” Carter reported. “And they’re doing this to buy time, according to sources that I’ve spoken with so that they can leak information to try to find a way to either discredit the memo or placate the members of the DOJ that don’t want to see this released.”

They do want more time to discredit the memo. FBI Director Wray might resign if the memo is released with names and will write a rebuttal memo [Update: That was more fake news from CNN. NBC reported that Wray has no intention of leaving].

If the memo is inaccurate, what’s the problem? They can disprove that.

In addition, pressure is coming from the Democrats who appear to be working in tandem with the FBI. Nancy Pelosi is demanding the immediate removal of Devin Nunes, a politically-motivated demand that will be ignored.


This morning, Bob Goodlatte explained that it must be released and only the memo will be released, not the intelligence documents.

Goodlatte said the memo is “very important” and “the American people must see it.” It involves the “conduct of people at the very highest levels” who were working on the Hillary Clinton investigation. “This cannot be allowed in the Federal Bureau of Investigations.”

He was “pleased Andrew McCabe has left the Bureau.”

“It will be embarrassing to several people near the top of the FBI,” he told the host of Fox News’s Happening Now.

Rep. Goodlatte made another interesting comment, saying that he read the Democrats’ counter memo and it has inaccuracies but it does not in any way refute one point in the memo.

The FISA memo is expected to show abuse in obtaining the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. This comes as new messages between Agents Page and Strzok show they were looking for ways around the law.


Agents Strzok and Page not only discussed circumventing the archiving law, they discussed taking classified information.

Sara Carter reported Thursday that new text messages show Lisa Page and Peter Strzok sought to “get around” the rules for preservation of communications. This lawless duo also rationalized it by saying others do, why shouldn’t they?

They talked about replacing their Samsung 5s with Apple iPhones to keep their records from the public.  They appeared to be using non-official phones and messaging systems to keep them private.

A portion of one communication which includes the comment about taking classified data:

Strzok: “Hot damn. I’m happy to pilot that…we get around our security/monitoring issues?”

Page: “No, he’s proposing that we just stop following them. Apparently, the requirement to capture texts came from omb, but we’re the only org (I’m told) who is following that rule. His point is, if no one else is doing it why should we.”

Page: Helps that Dd had a terrible time with his phone [redacted] which made him concerned for our folks all over the place.

Page: These phones suck as much as they do because of the program we use to capture texts, full stop.

Strzok: No doubt.

Strzok: I’m not convinced short of OPR, that text capture capability really deters anything.

Strzok: If I want to copy/take classified, I’m sure as hell not going to do it on this phone.

DD is likely Deputy Director McCabe.


Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chair Ron Johnson obtained the messages from the DoJ Inspector General and wants answers from Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Director who appears to be doing most of Jeff Sessions’ job.

Senator Johnson is also requesting the messages of 16 other FBI and DoJ officials in place during the 2016 campaign.


It appears that the election interference we needed to fear was a by our own government, not Russians.

The President has approved release of the memo it will allegedly be sent back to the House Intel Committee for release Friday morning. President Trump wants congressmen to be able to return before it all hits the proverbial fan.

Did you notice how none of this leaked? Only that which hurts Trump gets leaked. That should tell us something.


  1. NO Bob Goodlatte, the Memo must be released with intelligence documents to back it up, otherwise this HE SAID SHE SAID BS that the Media and Dems are playing right now will continue, back the Memo up with PROVE to shut down the dog and pony show!!!!!!!!

  2. Releasing this one-sided, GOP-written memo without context or proof is downright dangerous. Nunes is a disaster-covering for Trump, a good soldier from the transition team. Unfortunately he is carelessly hurting our FBI and DOJ

    • No. The memo is a compilation of evidence from the House investigation. The FBI leaders have hurt the FBI;s reputation. The American people should know who did it. I contend that 99.9% of the 35,000 FBI employees are honest, competent people. It’s that 0.1% (maybe 35 people) that are corrupt, unethical criminals and should be exposed.

      • I understand what you’re saying but disagree, Jim. This memo is cherry-picked info and much is omitted, from what I understand. I guess we will all find out soon enough.

        • You may want to reconsider until After the release of Chairman Grassley’s criminal referral is released, in redacted form. The “stones” are only Just beginning to be uncovered. Much more to come.

  3. No need to worry about context because this is the “First” Memo. There are many many more to come. This is ALL part of the IG release, slowly and surely. In doing it This way it allows the public to absorb all the details without being overwhelmed. Those who haven’t paid attention do not realize exactly what has been released by whom.

  4. They are convinced that they have the right and duty to cover up wrong doing for the good of the people. If you listen to a lot of high level government officials, they truly believe it is a national security issue for the peasants to find out about high level institutional curruption.!!!!!!!!! release the Memo and related documents to prove its true!!!!!!!

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