Bronx Woman Accused of Posing As Aunt of Murdered Child in Newtown Charity Scam


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Update: Nouelle Alba is implicated in to similar scams, having set up donor accounts as a Hurricane Sandy victim. If true, she is a grifter.

Nouelle Alba has been charged with lying to the FBI about setting up a “funeral fund” for one of the murdered Newtown children, Noah Pozner. The Bronx woman allegedly sought to capitalize on the murder of this small child by pretending she was his aunt.

I wanted to post this because it is a despicable crime if true.

Alba was arrested on Thursday and is facing a prison term.

Any scam artist who is involved in exploiting this tragedy needs to be punished to the maximum extent of the law. We need to get past feeling sorry for perps.

Causing the families even one more moment of pain is heartless. Aside from any pain it might cause the families, it discourages donors.

Alba purportedly posed as an aunt of the child, calling herself “Victorian Glam Fairys” on Facebook.

She wrote, “We’ve set up a funeral fund for my brother and families. Anyone willing to make a donation can make one.”  The statement included instructions about how to donate through PayPal or direct deposit.

She is said to have told one donor over the phone that she went to the school to identify her nephew and that she had been at the high school when President Obama visited. She claimed to have hugged Obama and he was tearful.

She appears to have text messaged another donor, “Im a mess. Not looking forward to see that casket cause that is what will kill us all today. 11 gun shot in his little body….,” the texts allegedly read.

She told the FBI that she did not seek donations.

Lying to a federal agent can be grounds for prosecution under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001. It carries a possible penalty of five years in a federal prison.

Neighbors are saying she is a nice, hard working person who takes care of her kids. If she is guilty, she is obviously not a nice person.

All the donations were given back to donors within four days of the tragedy.

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