Devastating Testimony: Absence of Clear Strategy Makes Wars Unwinnable


“U.S. policymakers refuse to accurately name the movement as radical Islam” and “we do not have a strategy to deal with radical Islam” as they multiply and spread like a cancer throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Asia. That was the message from former chief military officers testifying before Congress Tuesday.


Retired 4-Star General James Matthis, former head of U.S. Central Command, former Army Vice Chief of Staff and 4-Star General Jack Keane and Navy Adm. William Fallon, also a former CentCom chief, testified before the Senate Armed Forces Committee Tuesday and warned Congress and Americans that radical Islam is becoming more dangerous because our administration has a failed strategy and fails to name, identify and deal with radical Islam from the perspective of reality.

They said that the absence of a White House strategy makes the ISIS, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan Wars unwinnable.

“[We need to] come out from our reactive crouch and take a firm, strategic stance in defense of our values,” retired Marine Gen. Jim Mattis said to Congress Tuesday morning.

“America needs a refreshed national security strategy,” he added, saying that it must look beyond the string of crisis “currently consuming the executive branch.”

Megyn Kelly described the testimony as devastating on The Kelly File Tuesday evening.

The administration saw the Arab Spring and refused to engage with it. Radical Islamists used the Arab Spring as an accelerant to take advantage of the upheaval. That’s why in Northern Africa, Middle East, South Asia maps look like they do, according to testimony offered.

radical Islam map

Radical Islam has increased fourfold in five years, ISIS ten times since 2012 when it only numbered 3,000, and Iran has control of the capitols in Beirut, Lebanon, Damascus, Syria, Baghdad, Iraq, and now Sanaa, Yemen, then of course Gaza in Israel, General Keane told Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File Tuesday evening.

Gen. Keane helped devise the surge strategy, the one Obama refused to accept as effective when it obviously was. Even Biden recognized its success though he falsely credited Obama with it.

Gen. Keane was privy to Al Qaeda intercepts in which they talked to each other and said ‘don’t send any more brothers” because “they lost the war” in Iraq. That was before Obama pulled all the troops out.

A week after the last troops left, the first bombs began to go off in downtown Baghdad and have continued ever since. And they moved into Syria and back to Iraq.

Last summer, General Keane described our withdrawal as an “absolute strategic failure.”

Gen. Keane said, “We deposed Khaddafi and put in a moderate regime that wanted one thing from us – help them produce an effective security force to deal with armed militants. We [Obama] refused. As a result, they [radical Islamists] tried to kill the UK ambassador, they killed our ambassador, they burned our consulate to the ground, killed three other and now they are dominating Libya in its entirety…we refused to assist them, imagine that. We did the same thing with the Free Syrian Army.”

When the moderates – the doctor/lawyer rebels – were pushing against Assad, we could have helped them. There was a chance and we blew it.

This administration believes that “passivity is less likely to provoke,” General Flynn said. He worked for Barack Obama.

Gen. Keane said they [the administration] are also paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequences in the Middle East driven by the realities of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The good thing – driven by the attack in Paris France and the beheadings – there was bipartisan support [during the hearing Tuesday] we don’t have a strategy and we’d better get one to deal with this.


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