Devin Nunes Expands House Investigation to Probe the FBI, DoJ, Use of Dossier


Devin Nunes has expanded the House Intelligence probe to include an investigation of the Justice Department, the FBI and their use of the dossier in the Russia-Trump collusion case which even Rep. Adam Schiff now admits is short of facts.

The Washington Times reports that Rep. Nunes is accusing the FBI and DoJ of “a pattern of behavior that can no longer be tolerated.” He charges that Justice claimed it possesses no documents related to the infamous Trump dossier, then, under pressure, produced “numerous” such papers.

Schiff is protesting the expansion and trying to stretch out the Russia-Trump collusion probe although there is no evidence and the case is likely to end early this year.

Rep. DeSantis explained to Greg Jarrett last week that Congress has to finally use its power in this case because of the stonewalling, the obstruction, and the failure to comply with subpoenas.


  1. Go get ’em Devon, take ’em down, down, down. There are so many federal statutes which they have broken that I hope they go to prison for 100 years for breaking the trust of the American People and trying to turn this country into another socialist state. It has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with breaching the public trust. Devon Nunes is our Wyatt Earp and Trey Gowdy is our Doc Halliday. ‘You tell ’em I’m coming, and Hell is coming with me…..”

  2. Notice that the corrupt leaders of the party in Congress are silent. Some of them were informed of the spying on Trump as it was happening. They are complicit in other ways also. An example is the uranium sale to Russia.

    The key here remains the removal of Sessions. He can be provoked to quit as Rosenstein is fired. That would unleash some major legal action against the deep state. The #3 person in DOJ would act.

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