Devin Nunes Memo Might Be Much Ado About Carter Page


A statement issued by Devin Nunes Wednesday gives the clearest indication of what the FISA abuse memo will show. Some say it’s much ado about Carter Page, but the memo promises to show FISA abuse.

What we can expect to read is that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein approved surveillance of Carter Page. It was based on a Fusion GPS Russian dossier put together by a former British intelligence officer. The warrant was filled with unverified claims and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Spying and investigation that resulted were used to fuel a whisper campaign against Donald Trump. It’s an abuse of power.

The counter is that Rosenstein just took over and merely followed the procedures already set up. They will also say there were other reasons the Carter Page surveillance was approved.


Page had been looked at by the FBI once before for an association with Russians and that could be a reason for the spying.

However, Page was never accused of wrongdoing and denied any working association. Russians allegedly didn’t consider him an asset because they said he’s an “idiot”.

If Republicans are staking their case on Carter Page, this memo might be a disappointment according to some critics on the left and right. If true, it’s also a wonder then why all the fuss about its release. There has to be more.

While Page was in no way a Russian agent, his past connections to Russians did put him on the FBI radar. In July 2016, Page traveled to Russia and was accused of meeting with two Russians tied to Putin. He denies that.

At the same time, he had little more than a peripheral involvement in the Trump campaign. He left the campaign in August or September. The FBI didn’t start spying on him until mid-October.

The allegation against Page is that Russians offered him millions to get the sanctions lifted. Since he wasn’t on anyone’s staff, it’s hard to imagine how he was supposed to do that.

Carter Page is an unlikely Russian agent.

The most important point in all this is that an unverified dossier put together by Steele and paid for by Hillary’ campaign and the DNC was in part used to obtain the warrant.

The GOP and Devin Nunes are staking their reputations on this memo and possibly Carter Page. “TPM’s Josh Marshall tweeted, “A Pickett’s Charge on behalf of Carter Page. Helluva hill to die on.”

Still the Republicans working on the issue promise more.


The left-wing media and anti-Trumpers are out in force calling Nunes a coward, a stooge, traitor and liar. Katy Tur compared Devin Nunes to fugitive Edward Snowden.

It’s not Devin Nunes’ memo and it’s non-partisan. The treatment of Chairman Nunes is very unfair.


  1. From what I understand the Memo seems predominately centered on Steele, his Dossier, his contacts with the FBI and subsequently going to the media. Since the FBI considered him an asset from the past he was given more standing and therefore the Dossier having more authenticity. Apparently he also brought the Cody Shearer “dossier” to substantiate his “own” document. This was considered even more conclusive. After the FBI reopened the Clinton email case and was reported in the Press this incensed Steele, Simpson and others. In order to “level the playing field” it was then “leaked” to the media that the FBI was also investigating Trump.

    All these different angles, presumably, were what was taken to the FISA court as unique, individual, unrelated corroborations to conclude Russia was involved. I do remember shortly before the election Tom Arnold had came out with accusations and that there was certain proof, a video. THIS was the one and only time I actually worried on the outcome of the election. After a few days without a video I concluded it was just hyperbole. Since it was “reported” in the media that was further indication and proof “for the court”.

    I’m sure there will be those who claim this is inconsequential or insignificant since it revolves around so little. At 3 ½ pages it could be only these few items with a great many specifics or this could be pared down and include much more. We just have to wait and see. It sounds, though, the Chairman Grassley / Graham criminal referral may soon be released also, in redacted form.

    There certainly are some interesting developments of late that call into question their meaning. First, there is the mutual agreed upon postponement of the Flynn sentencing, in addition the recusal of the Judge in the mater. Furthermore, Attorneys for the Gates matter have requested to the court to be removed from the case, in reference to Exhibit 1, which is under seal. Certainly a great deal of circumstances surrounding Everything regarding the Russian involvement in American politics. One curious, and disturbing mention by Simpson in his testimony to Congress is the charge of Russia seeking influence among “Russian Jews” of the Diaspora. But, in his testimony he definitely makes quite a few wild charges.

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