Devin Nunes Reacts to Explosive Unredacted Grassley Criminal Referral


Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes reacted to the bombshell unredacted Grassley-Graham criminal referral of Christopher Steele who appears to have lied under oath. The Grassley memo did three things: it showed the DNC and Clinton campaign funded the dossier; Steele was a bad and compromised source: and known conflicts of interest and anti-Trump bias were present at the highest levels of the DOJ/FBI, and more.


He feels there is “vindication” for the committee of what they’re dealt with for days.  The chairman said the MSM has been saying all week that the [garbage] dossier had nothing to do with the FISA warrant. The MSM continues to ignore the story.

Rep. Nunes was not concerned about the hits he took from the media because he knew he had the “story nailed”. The Republicans on the committee were confident.

Nunes was even called a Russian agent by MSM as he got closer and closer to the truth. Laura Ingraham played a clip of a reporter calling him a Russian agent. What scares Nunes is “people actually watch that and believe it.”

Ironically, Republicans begged the Obama administration to do something about the Russia interference and were ignored.

The MSM wants Donald Trump removed at all costs by any means necessary. He added that he himself couldn’t believe it “was that crazy” but it was.

The Chairman will try to bring back Jim Comey and others to explain their actions after they finish the memo of the State Department involvement in the dossier. The Obama State Department was passing information to “some very strange places,” he said.


  1. When the Nunes Memo came out the Dems and The Joseph Goebbels News Networks (MSNBC/CNN) went nuclear on it, now The Grassley/ Graham memo is released that backs up Nunes Memo, the media is CRICKETS about it, all they have been Yapping about today is the markets, Trumps Military plan for a parade, whitehouse aid quit over abuse, will Trump talk to Mueller, there is more coming media, can’t handle the truth can you!!!!!!!!!

  2. It just occurred to me that Clapper had “claimed” that the similarities of his IC report with the Dossier were sourced elsewhere. Well, isn’t that convenient. Why was his, the IC, information NOT part of the FISA warrant. Seems odd to me.

    Under the circumstances I think maybe Steele should be sent to… “The Village”.., and give him the number (6).

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