DHS Robot Tunas, Underwater Spies

Napolitano Tuna

All is going swimmingly at DHS these days as they figure out how to patrol underwater with a faux fish – a robot-tuna. It never gets tired and obviously eats nothing.

It looks realistic but I doctored the one on the left to give it more of that DHS look.

DHS funded Boston Engineering Corporation in Waltham, Mass. to make it so they can patrol underwater as well as from the air as they do now with drones. In the future, some drones will look like the insect drone below.


The science is ‘biomimetics,'” and it’s only just a beginning. They eventually hope to have schools of them looking for suspicious activity.

It is flexible and can squeeze into tight spaces. It can be controlled with a laptop and has its own computer on board for navigation, sensor data and communications with the home base.

I do think using these to move around natural disasters, drug dealers, and battlefields is a great idea. If they start pestering the average person, I won’t like this amazing little invention.

I’m going to have to start bringing my shotgun onto my boat with me. Oh, forgot, don’t have one. I’ll have to rely on a net and a bat should I see one.

Expect to see more of these replicas of creatures found in nature. You can’t trust Mother Nature to be products of nature any more.

Read the actual story at Fox News