DHS Sneaks Illegal Alien “Asylum Seekers” into Cali in the Middle of the Night


How many aliens crossing into our borders illegally claim asylum and are then let go? One person happened upon a busload of just such a group in the middle of the night last week.

The president is declaring illegal aliens refugees if they claim to be asylum seekers. Refugees go on a fast track to citizenship and receive SSI, food stamps, housing, education, medical, all at taxpayer expense yet we have no control over who comes in, how they come in or how often.

There is no vetting whatsoever.

Just such a group can be seen in the following video. The person who came upon them belongs to an on air religious group called “Open Your Eyes People dot Com” and they happened upon it accidentally.

Can you imagine how many there are traveling through the night?

This particular busload had Somalis and Africans.

The following was posted on Alipac

BREAKING NEWS! ***** Make Viral! WTH! Evangelist Anita and family runs into the following: – Illegal immigrants being transported late at night by DHS to “Detention Centers” in Victorville, CA on the corner of Route 395 and Bear Valley Rd, (161 miles away from Mexico Border!!!) – includes ‘Somalis’ and ‘Africans’ … PROOF! LISTEN TO ENTIRE FOOTAGE DETENTION CENTERS IS MENTIONED! Pastor Ignacio and Evangelist Anita Fuentes asks questions, get’s answers… wow!

Victorville is 161 miles away from Mexico Border! They are taking them to the high desert, thumb printing them and letting them go all over! My friends, many Somalians are Muslim and many African’s especially in the northern region of Africa are radical Islam terrorist… Lord have mercy! The Blood of Jesus Christ is with us and on us and protects us in Jesus name, Amen!

The Somalis in particular come from a failed state and there is no possible way to verify who they are and if they are dangerous.

Much of Africa is the same way and radical Islam has a strong presence in North Africa.

I’ve seen many of these buses traveling out to eastern Long Island.

Nothing to see here, move on.