Did Tea Party Patriots Say the Republican Candidates Were All Losers?

Mark Meckler & Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots

The short answer is “No.” The long answer is complicated. The main point I am going to make is that we have to be so careful about what we read and hear. We need to do our own research.

In this case, a question mark made all the difference. It may seem a petty point to some but it isn’t to me.

Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler of Tea Party Patriots are unhappy with the Republican leadership in Congress. Whether anyone agrees with this or not is unimportant. What should be given a second thought is if people on the right are destroying their own and only candidates, but on with my point.

After Meckler and Martin complained about the performance of Republicans in Congress, Cavuto asked if they were unhappy with the candidates. They both said they were disappointed that the candidates were not giving specifics about budget cuts.

Martin said the people were not satisfied with the candidates.

In response, Cavuto, with sardonic and exaggerated humor, said, “So, they’re all losers?” Martin gestured in a way that indicated perhaps, but she did not say they were as she repeated Cavuto’s question and asked, “They’re all losers?”  She was repeating Cavuto’s question and not answering as she looked to Meckler for help.

Both Meckler and Martin made it clear that they wanted to hear the specifics and were not endorsing or rejecting a candidate. Meckler said he would not sit out the election.

I was very disappointed in Fox for misquoting Martin as saying, “They’re all losers,” without inserting the question mark.  This is what Fox posted as her quote – they left out the question mark: “Nobody is satisfied with the candidates out there right now … they’re all losers.”

The quote went around the blogosphere without the question mark in less than 24 hours. It made the Tea Party look bad and angered people who understand that Obama must go. It also will be used to demonize the candidates.

People need to be careful about their punctuation.