Dinkins Would Be Proud of Bloomberg’s Lack of Action

The Squeegee Men Are Back

While Bloomberg allows a merry band of Socialists to disrupt Wall Street (wasting the time of hundreds of police), he is also ignoring the aggressive, rather scary, windshield wiper men. I’m calling my inner David Dinkins to understand this.

“…Squeegee men, the aggressive panhandlers who wash your car windows whether you want them to or not, are back.

Armed with buckets and $5 squeegees, a squad of men waded into stalled Times Square traffic Sunday to lather up windshields, swipe them clean and beckon for tips from drivers – some annoyed by the intrusion.

A rare sight when the country’s unemployment rate was a mere 5.7%, the reappearance of the crews is an in-your-windshield reminder of 9%-plus unemployment and the highest rate of poverty in 27 years…” Read more: NY Daily News