Dire Warning After the Jihadist Attack in Philly


cop killer wannabe

The radical jihadist who attempted to kill officer Jesse Hartnett in Philadelphia this past week is one of a group of four terrorists according to an incident report obtained by ABC News. A woman, listed as anonymous, told the police the threat is not over and Archer wasn’t the most radical of the four.

The report hasn’t been confirmed.

According to the report, Archer attended a mosque in Philadelphia and became more radical after attending a second mosque nearby.

The police and the FBI are investigating. No one, however, is watching the mosques these days – it’s not politically correct.

“The Philadelphia Police Department and Federal Partners take this type of information very seriously, particularly after the recent attack on Officer [Jesse] Hartnett. Therefore, the department along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation is actively investigating these allegations in an effort to verify the credibility of the information given,” the police said in a statement.

“The Philadelphia Police Department has alerted all department personnel of this matter and will continue to have officers work with a partner until further notice,” police said. “As always, we encourage any information or tips from members of the community regarding this matter.”

Archer, who police say had one previous arrest, traveled twice from New York-area airports to the Middle East — to Saudi Arabia in 2011 for Hajj and to Egypt in 2012, two law enforcement sources told ABC News Friday. Archer has a U.S. passport and was not on a watch list, the sources said.

According to the Philadelphia mayor, what’s important to remember is that it has nothing to do with Islam.