Alleged Dirty Cop Jim Comey Now Claims His Leaker Professor Friend Is His Lawyer


The audacity of dirty cops!

Jim Comey, who never once defined his leaker friend as his lawyer, is now claiming attorney-client privilege. Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman was only described as a friend when Comey told Congress he leaked his confidential memos summarizing his meetings with President Trump. In November, Richman described himself as Comey’s adviser.

Comey also boasted he leaked the confidential memos to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a longtime colleague and friend, on the case. He’s not only a leaker, he’s a manipulative snake.

Richman hasn’t said when his representation of Comey began.

The dirty cop needs a lawyer. He lied under oath.


  1. If he’s using the lawyer-client privilege to escape some liability he could be in More legal trouble. Using That privilege to escape justice is highly “frowned” upon.

    I also read that Strzok has lawyered up with “Weinstein’s” Attorney.

    Then, some of the texts, according to a source, highlight a physical threat to the President. In order to maintain security these operatives in the FBI / DOJ are using “burner phones”, in the same way “drug cartels” use to evade detection. The official referred to McCabe’s official and personal correspondences “an anti-Trump treasure trove.”

    “The IG is aware of this,” one FBI insider said. “They have been up on these guys for a long time.”

  2. Well that’s good news, Comey is going to need a lawyer, the texts that are coming out are pretty damning, there was an obvious attempt to take down Trump and protect Hillary,, I believe Comey, Lynch, Obama and several others were all in on this coup, FBI Agent Peter Strzok has lawyered up, James Rybicki was former FBI Director James Comey’s chief-of-staff just announced he leaving the FBI, meanwhile now that the gov. shutdown is on pause, MSNBC and CNN won’t even talk about the obvious corruption, their back on the Mueller dog and pony show

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