DISCLOSE Act Fails in the Senate

Chuck Schumer Pontificating About the Merits of the DISCLOSE Act of 2012

The Senate Democrats failed to pass the DISCLOSE Act of 2012, the most recent law aimed at counteracting the Supreme Court Citizen United decision which allows for anonymity of donors to PACS. Democrats want more disclosure but not when it comes to unions.

The Democrats dropped the “stand by your ad” requirement in the DISCLOSE Act at the request of the unions. Imagine a PAC ad paid for by the AFL-CIO with President Trumka saying “I am the warm and fuzzy Richard Trumka and I approve this ad.”

The DISCLOSE Act had two major provisions. One required PACS, unions, and corporations to disclose the identity of donors who contribute $10,000 or more. The second requirement was disclosure of who is funding the PAC ads.

Union membership might be down but their political power is on the rise because of their incestuous relationship with the Democrats.

The GOP is fiercely opposed to the DISCLOSE Act because they believe it will be used to harass and intimidate donors as Attack Watch (Obama’s campaign website) recently did to Romney donors.

Chuck Schumer plans to introduce a new act tomorrow. Instead of working on a budget, the Senate is busy playing political games.

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