Disgusting! Email Shows Colbert Is Directly Instructed by Politicians on What to Put on His Show


new email out of Wikileaks shows Colbert’s comedy show is really nothing more than propaganda directed by the left. Politicians tell Colbert exactly what to put on his show. Comedians are no longer comedians, they are political operatives for the Democrat Party, specifically for the Clinton Global Initiative apparently.

When most of these comedians do a skit on a leftist, it’s gentle and done in a teasing manner but when they go after the right, it’s an assault on beliefs.

Jon Stewart, who at least was funny, is the father of the culture of leftist ridicule begun on the ‘comedy’ channels and imitated by stand-up comics. The Daily Show debuted 20 years ago in July, and Stewart took the desk in 1999, revolutionizing it into a propaganda platform against the right. He created internet-era liberal smugness and now they look pretty silly and arrogant in the wake of Donald Trump’s amazing rise to power. The pseudo-intellectual elitism and mockery probably helped them lose the working man.

The left-wing is concerned that comedy is taking the wrong approach and we now know that it will be manipulated to their liking because comedy shows are as corrupt as the mainstream media.



  1. Why is this a surprise? You didn’t think that this no-talent hack had any original ideas of his own, did you?

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