Disney Might Shed ESPN As It Loses More Than 600,000 Subscribers In a Month




As the NFL struggles to keep viewers, with their ratings down about 27% overall, a Nielsen report showed that ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPNU lost more than 600,000 subscribers from October to November alone. ESPN’s NFL ratings have suffered a 17% decline this season, according to Nielsen data as of last week.

Their radical left analysts have been given free rein and have everything to do with the decline. Many people don’t care about politics and don’t want it mixed in with sports.

Disney might shed ESPN.

Separately, Disney’s ABC network is faring the worst among the top broadcasters, with ratings down 11 percent for the season as of Nov. 9 versus a year ago.

Last month, billionaire John Malone — the dealmaker of all media dealmakers — speculated that Disney may spin off or sell ESPN, along with maybe ABC. He then went so far as to say Apple Inc. may be interested in merging with Disney after the split. The Edge, which analyzes spinoffs, has written about a Disney breakup, too, noting that the media networks and the rest of Disney “lack sufficient synergies and have vastly different outlooks and business model challenges.”

RBC Capital Markets analyst Steven Cahall wrote in a report Monday that ESPN “has almost single-handedly de-rated Disney by about 3.5 to 4 turns” of its Ebitda multiple, Bloomberg reported..

Do the NFL and ESPN think the football viewers are liberals? ESPN made a hard left turn, tainting football with politics and most viewers find that detestable. They even put celebrity gossip on their apps, losing app viewers as well.

Disney could put an end to the race baiting SJW crap that football fans don’t want to hear but they seem to want to go down with their ideology.



  1. The Left knew that the best way to influence people is with entertainment, such as sports and comedy. So they infiltrated and ruined those areas. It is crystal clear manipulation. The jocks and other gullible people fall prey.

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