District 26 Democrat Lies Her Way Into A Win

Lied Her Way To Success

She Cheated, She Lied, And Said That She Wouldn’t (vote for Obamacare or Ryan’s Plan that is). It pays to be a liar these days and moral compunctions don’t seem to stand in the way.

One problem in this race was only partly about the fake tea party candidate who ran as an Independent and a spoiler in Republican District 26; he happens to be is a far left winger and campaigned three times as a Democrat. He siphoned some votes from the Republican candidate, Jane Corwin.

Far worse, the winner was the Democratic candidate who used a false MEDISCARE platform to beat  Republican Assemblywoman Jane Corwin 47-43 in a Republican district. Democrat Kathy Hochul’s winning platform was that she would have not voted for Obama’s healthcare plan and she would not vote for Ryan’s plan because it will eliminate Medicare. In reality, when in office, she will have to choose one and my bets are on Obamacare since she is a Democratic loyalist.

Additionally, Ryan’s plan does not affect the retired or about to be retired and it does not eliminate Medicare, merely changes it.

The winner, Hochul, proudly boasts of her winning campaign (based on deceit). Expect a lot more of this since honor does not enter into these races. It is defeat the challenger at all costs. The means justifies the end. What do you think? Read about it here: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_NEW_YORK_SPECIAL_ELECTION?SITE=CTNHR&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT