Diver’s Mummified Body Found in Lake Michigan


Mummified body of diver Dirk Kann found on the floor of Lake Michigan 13 years after his failed fight for survival. His body was intact with his preserved gear still on.

via HuffPo

…During the dive, Olsen realized that his oxygen [air tank] tank was quickly losing air, so the two men had to make an early return to the surface. As the divers were sharing what little oxygen remained, Kann lagged behind in an attempt to decompress, the New York Daily News reports.

Decompression is necessary when rising from deep waters, to prevent the build-up of nitrogen bubbles in the blood.

Olsen never saw Kann again, until Saturday afternoon when sport divers happened upon him. The perfect combination of pressure, oxygen and cold temperature at that depth mummified and preserved Kann’s body, ABC News reported.

Kann’s wife Rose told the Daily Mail that the family is “relieved” to finally have found the hero’s body, but she was having difficulty speaking about it…