DNC Prop – Cindy Sheehan – Where Did She Go?


She works with a “peace” group that sent her to Iran so she could show her support – of Iran, not us. In January, she was praising the bizarro Occupiers. Lately, she floats around San Fran, giving speeches here-and-there.

She’s also refusing to pay her taxes. Sheehan is being sued by the IRS for failure to pay taxes. Sheehan said “I feel like I gave my son to this country in an illegal and immoral war. I’ll never get him back,” Sheehan said. “And, so, if they can give me my son back, then I’ll pay my taxes. And that’s not going to happen.”

When Bush was President, she was ubiquitous, but now that President Obama is dropping drones on people, she is invisible.  She doesn’t approve of President Obama at all but the news coverage just isn’t there – surprise, surprise. She thinks the death of Osama bin Laden is a hoax and you would have to be “stupid” to believe it.

In between arrests, she challenged Nancy Pelosi and then Dianne Feinstein for their seats in the House and Senate respectively. She gave up her Democratic Party membership a while back and switched to the Peace and Freedom Party.

She is the Socialist Party USA‘s vice-presidential nominee for the 2012 election. Ain’t that swell?

She has interviewed some fellow Marxist loons, Hugo Chavez being one, for her blog, Cindy’s Soapbox.

At least she is consistent if nothing else.

I wonder what son Casey would think. Casey volunteered to re-enlist for Iraq and he volunteered for a rescue mission. He proudly served his country.

I expect the Blamestream Media to bring Cindy Sheehan back in November if Romney wins, but the DNC won’t be jumping to book her for appearances.