Do Not Divide The United States-We Are Close To Disaster

Senator Joe Lieberman

President Obama might want to take a page from Joe Lieberman’s book. Joe Lieberman is a man I have always admired. When he ran as an Independent, bucking the establishment, I rooted for him. He is a politician who transcends politics. Once, I would have agreed with him on most issues, now I disagree with him on most issues. I changed, he didn’t. It doesn’t matter. What matter is that he is a politician with principles who lives by them. Case in point, he will join Glenn Beck (GLENN BECK) at the Restoring Honor rally in Israel. Here is some of the transcript from Joe Lieberman’s interview with Glenn Beck on his show the other day:-

BECK: So, Senator, you’re going to get a lot of heat for this. You know that and I know that. I don’t want it be partisan, and I know that there could be a lot of people on the conservative end, and that’s why we tried to announce you first. But we’ve had a lot of people that are on the left side who immediately hung up the phone and want nothing to do with anything.

What is it, Senator, that you could possibly say that will bring others who disagree with me, but we can agree on Israel?

LIEBERMAN: Yes, well, you know, this touches a larger nerve and a larger problem in America today and particularly in American politics where if you don’t agree about 100 percent with somebody else on all the issues, then even when you do agree with that person, you refuse to stand with them or work with them. That’s part of the problem here in Congress which explains why we don’t get a lot done.

And to me, this is about a shared value. It’s about the values that we share as Americans with Israel. It’s about the fact that we have common enemies. In some sense, Israel is the first line of defense for the United States of America. I can tell you, as the chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, that a lot of the same threats that Israel faces are faced increasingly by us here at home.

And so — you know, I say to everybody, OK, you don’t — who is skeptical and who’s going to be critical about me, OK, you don’t agree with Glenn Beck on climate change or Medicare or whatever or President Obama. But if you agree with him on this, then why would you not be true to your own conscience and stand with him? And the cause here, if I may say so, is larger than Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck had this idea. This is a good idea, a very powerful idea. But if you agree with it and if you think it’s time to stand with Israel, then let’s just unite around that.

And you know, I saw this happen a couple of weeks ago when Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the joint session of Congress. And the feeling in the room was so unified. You could go from the most left Democrat to the most right Republican — everybody was standing up and cheering, not just for the prime minister, but for Israel and for the U.S.- Israel relationship. And in doing so, I think members of Congress were reflecting the beliefs of the people of the United States of America.

So let’s not let others divide us. Let’s come together when we agree, and this is an important time to do that.

Senator Joe Lieberman is the Democrat I could vote for. I trust him. He is a uniter. Unfortunately, our President apparently has a different viewpoint and believes that there are more benefits to dividing us on class, racial and religious grounds – private enterprise against unions, rich against everyone else, Americans against Israel, Black against White, Hispanic against White Democrats against Republicans.

Take President Obama’s most recent speech as he stood beside Andrea Merkel of Germany at a joint press conference in the  White House. “The world economy took a severe blow two and a half years ago, and in part that is because of a whole set of policy decisions that had been made, and challenges that have been unaddressed over the course of the previous decade,”  It’s not his fault in other words. President Obama failed to mention his quadrupling of the debt or the fact that in 2009 he said it was his economy now.

He further said, “It is just very important for folks to remember how close we came to complete disaster.”  I think we know how close we are now.