Do Not Tell Barack Obama Anything or We’ll Have to Hurt You


kill the messenger

Do NOT tell Barack Obama anything! He needs to not know so he can be freed up for fundraising!

People tried to tell him about the IRS targeting of right-leaning and religious groups, but fortunately his advisers and others kept that information from him.

Jay Carney said that the White House counsel, advisers and Jack Lew did not give President Obama any details about the IG report because he must not be put in the position of interfering with the IRS audit (even though the IRS is an arm of the Executive – ignore that detail).

Jay said they felt and still feel they did the right thing. [mediaite]

I agree with Jay. We wouldn’t want President Obama to interfere with IRS targeting of the right wing during a re-election campaign.

Do NOT tell Barack that Georgetown was eliminated in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Do NOT mention anything about the six missiles North Korea set off in three days off the coast. [businessweek] Barack wouldn’t like hearing it.

Do you think Michelle walks around the White House saying, What IRS scandal? What North Korean missiles? I do.

Whatever you do, do not say a word about the four missiles in Syria aimed at Israel. What is he supposed to do with that information? [jpost]

Stop, please stop, mentioning the red line and the chemical weapons Syria is using unless you have footage of Assad setting them off himself.

I hope no one mentions that Iran is expanding their sensitive nuclear capacity. [Reuters]

Do you think that the newspapers are redacted before they reach Barack’s desk in the AM. I imagine so.

I’m glad no one told Barack about the DOJ spying on the AP and Fox News reporters. That would have been hard on him.

The intel on Benghazi really must be kept from Barack. Repeat after me, it was a vile video that caused a protest to run amok.

What we can tell Obama is that Osama is dead and GM is alive (okay, they’re on life support, close enough).

It’s good that Obama has all these czars and czarinas who can keep him uninformed.

Thank God Eric Holder didn’t tell Barack about Fast & Furious. Oops, they forgot to tell Eric about it too so he couldn’t have told him in any case.

I hope they didn’t tell him Beyoncé was expecting because Jay-Z said she’s not.

The memory lapses and lack of knowledge extend to the entire administration except for Lois Lerner who has to take the Fifth.

Do tell him that James Taylor will be performing at the White House, that’ fine!

This approach is called plausible deniability and it’s the best political tool since soapboxes.