Do You Wonder What Happened After Our Libyan Humanitarian War Was Won?


Isn’t it curious how Libya has disappeared from the news? It is hard to know exactly what is going on over there after all the razzle dazzle about our humanitarian mission. Obama’s much-touted humanitarian war might not be won in the long run.

The Libyan Free Press is a collection of articles from across Libya that give some insight into how we are viewed and what people think of our humanitarian war. It is a snapshot that might not reflect a total picture but it’s more than we are getting from the media in the United States, which I find concerning.

There is a pro-NATO government in place, but there is a great deal of unrest. There is a pro-Gaddafi resistance movement which attacks NATO workers with regularity.

The Green Resistance Movement of pro-Gaddafi forces hail Gaddafi as a hero who was a man of honor in times of infamy and barbarity. They are pleading for the release of Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Gaddafi, who is set to be tried in Tripoli two months from now.

The resistance movement is pro-Russian and Pravda is using the opportunity to spread their views.

Here is an example of Pravda’s take on the war in Libya –

…NATO’s mission in Libya was to impose a no-fly zone to protect innocent civilians. Quite how anyone could have been so naïve as to believe that, after what NATO did in Iraq, defies logic; quite how anyone could have believed them as they promised to fill in the details later, ditto. But the international community once again gave NATO the benefit of the doubt and once again NATO performed on cue: another massacre, another example of arming terrorists, more killings, more violence, more torching of property, more torture, more rapes and another generation of children with their futures dashed to ruins.

Another country bites the dust? If God exists and if Satan does not rule this world already, then Libya can and must be NATO’s last stand; right must defeat wrong; good must triumph over evil; the Demon must be slain and NATO must lose any power it had.

I have been privy to some horrific images on, of children with their faces blasted off by NATO pilots from 30,000 feet, after NATO refused to allow the Libyan authorities to hold a free and fair election. And now, we receive images of a full NATO onslaught against the defenders of Sirte as freedom and democracy was imposed upon the citizens of Libya, we receive evidence of the Libyan terrorist NTC forces attacking a hospital, under the full cover of NATO. So vicious was the attack on the hospital in Sirte, by NATO’s terrorists, that the Red Cross was unable to deliver supplies.

We receive evidence of NTC attacks against Red Cross personnel trying to get medical supplies into Sirte. Preventing access for aid is a war crime by the NTC and by NATO for strafing the positions of the authorities.

We receive evidence that NATO was using helicopters to fire missiles into Sirte, despite the fact that its mission was to impose a no-fly zone. Gaddafi was right: the UNO panders to the whims of the FUKUS-Axis (France, UK, US and Israel) and does not use the same weight and measure when dealing with smaller nations…

The NATO forces which were sent by Obama to “save” the Libyans are called NATO-RATS. They are being blamed for the uprisings throughout the Middle East and for the violence in Syria. Zionist Rats are also being blamed and the saddest thing is Israel asked for none of this. The resistance fighters have posted you tube videos praising the unity of Syria with Russia.

They hope to topple the “puppet” government and they blame Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for “contributing in Syria, as they did in Libya, to inflaming sedition and the armed violence committed by the armed terrorist groups against the citizens.”

The abuse of Nigerians in Libya continues according to some of their reports. Doctors without Borders will not go into the prisons any longer according to Libyan press because of the rampant torture which they blame on NATO’s puppet government.

Perhaps things are better than what is being put out by resistance fighters, but we are being told nothing about Libya by our media. It is being assumed by the American public that the war was won and all is going well. I am not so sure that is the case.

If true, the fact, that the atrocities against the Nigerians continues without a word in our esteemed press is very disturbing.