Doctors React To ObamaCare – Rural Docs Hardest Hit


Forget the choreographed photo op from the White House lawn that showed dozen of doctors, dressed in their white exam jackets – many of whom were wearing jackets provided by Barack Obama to give the impression that Obamacare was/is supported universally by all doctors.

Never mind that they represent only a minority of America’s Doctors, the AMA Assembled its ‘White Coats’ on the Lawn of the White House to Support Obamacare.

Forget the numerous public pronouncements that doctors and hospitals from coast to coast gave glowing reports on how much better our nation’s medical care would be once Obamacare legislation was passed.

Many doctors are echoing the words of Dr. Marc Siegel:

“No one bothered to check with doctors before ObamaCare was passed but you better believe that they are checking with us now.  And if you don’t like what doctors across the country are saying, forgive me if I say “I told you so.”

Perhaps most disturbing, more than half of doctors surveyed by The Physicians Foundation revealed that they will cut back on patients (including Medicare) or reduce patient access to their care over the next three years.

Doctors are exhausted, and we simply can’t handle all the paperwork or the growing list of medical problems presented to us by the chronically ill.  This loss of man hours comes at a time when ObamaCare is expanding the entitlement and we are already faced with a physician shortage which will reach 160,000 by 2025, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.  This patient expansion is taking place while we, doctors, are contracting — it is a perfect storm.

I may be not one of the 60 percent of doctors (according to the survey) who would retire now if I had the means, but the federal government can’t rely on all of America’s doctors having the resources, passion, or wherewithal to soldier on with the heavy burden of ObamaCare.”

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Doctor Siegel is not alone.

There’s an organizational movement directly opposed to Obamacare and it’s making waves.  America’s Medical Society has a website that our President would probably wish you didn’t visit.  We invite you to do so by clicking here.

Maybe Nancy Pelosi was right when she said you have to pass the legislation in order to find out what’s in it.  Many doctors are finding out what’s in it and their reaction(s) have been immediate.

Let’s get personal.

My own personal physician notified me by mail this week that he is leaving a very popular local medical practice and will be focusing on patients admitted to the local hospital who have no primary physician.  In so doing, he has rid himself of the burden of dealing with Obamacare to the extent that it will now be his employer’s problem and not his.  He also rid himself of a Medicare patient.

He apologized, but explained that at his age he felt as though he was starting over in the medical profession by having to totally forget the business side of his practice and learn a totally new record keeping process and it just wasn’t worth the time and effort to do so.  “I already spend far too much time doing paperwork and the Obamacare conversion to electronic medical records is an absolute nightmare,” he told me.  “I’m a country doctor with a large patient list.  It’s not unusual for me to spend up to 90 hours a week providing my patients with direct medical care.  Adding another 20 hours a week, minimum, of computerized medical recordings is just too much,” he concluded.

That decision solves his problem, but what about mine?  I now have to find a doctor who is willing to accept a new patient; one that uses Medicare and is located within a reasonable driving distance of my home.  THAT will not be easy.  In fact, I’ve already started my search and haven’t identified even ONE doctor who is accepting Medicare patients and my search has extended out to 50 miles circumference of my home.  A round trip of more than 100 miles is not what I’d call “local”.

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