DOJ Holder Acting Stupidly, Will Sue North Carolina Over Voting Laws


Holder-Putin_e4ae24568f4a2ce038dee326e93c02dcPhoto of Comrade Holder

The DOJ once again plans to sue US taxpayers for following the law. The DOJ will announce in a press conference today that they will sue North Carolina for changing their voting laws to mandate a photo ID for voter registration – not for voting – for registration. North Carolina will also tighten the lax voting requirements which allow for voting without proper clearance by state officials.

The Supreme Court of the United States struck down an outdated and unnecessary portion of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which required states with a history of discrimination to indefinitely get DOJ approval before changing their voting laws.

The DOJ is opposed to the Supreme Court decision and will do end-runs around it through the court system though there is no evidence the states in question have violated voting rights in decades.

North Carolina followed Texas’ lead after the SCOTUS decision and changed their voting laws. Texas is also being sued.

North Carolina wants to limit photo IDs to driver’s licenses, passports, veteran’s ID, or tribal cards and, for some reason, the left sees this as too restrictive. The DMV is the easiest ID to get and they can be gotten for free by non-drivers.

Al Sharpton has led the opposition to North Carolina’s new laws. Sharpton wants to substitute college ID cards for voter ID cards.

Why not library cards? How about bus passes?

North Carolina is eliminating seven days of early voting, nixing same-day voter registration during the early voting period, and prohibiting the counting of provisional ballots that are cast in the right county but the wrong precinct. Sharpton also railed against these rules.

Al Sharpton also wants 16 and 17-year olds to continue pre-registering. A popular civics class takes the students down to register each year. It’s unclear as to why they can’t still go down to learn the process without actually registering.

The new rules call for more poll workers. Why would anyone have a problem with more poll workers?

When SCOTUS ruled, Attorney General Eric Holder said, “Today’s action marks another step forward in the Justice Department’s continuing effort to protect the voting rights of all eligible Americans. We will not allow the Supreme Court’s recent decision to be interpreted as open season for states to pursue measures that suppress voting rights.”

The only ones who are opening fire are the DOJ and people like Al Sharpton who want to protect the corruption of the vote.

via Fox News

In the North Carolina lawsuit, the person said, the government will challenge requirements in state law that eliminate the first seven days of early voting opportunities and eliminate same-day voter registration during the early voting period. Same-day registration allows voters to cast a ballot immediately after presenting elections officials with proof of their name and home address.


The Justice Department challenge also is aimed at a provision eliminating the counting of certain types of provisional ballots by voters who cast ballots in their home counties but do not vote in the correct precincts.

Finally, the federal government will challenge a provision in the new law that requires voters to present government-issued identification at the polls in order to cast ballots. In North Carolina, a recent state board of elections survey found that hundreds of thousands of registered voters did not have a state-issued ID. Many of those voters are young, black, poor or elderly.

The claim by the left is that there is little evidence there is voter fraud but the fact that these votes can’t be verified might be one of the reasons for that. The right has also benefitted from voter fraud though not to the same degree. Let’s shut it down completely.

There is also something very wrong with a government that uses taxpayer money to repeatedly sue its own taxpayers for following the law.