DOJ Hounds Officer Manney in Self-Defense Shooting of Dontre Hamilton


The DA refused to charge Milwaukee officer Christopher Manney in the April shooting death of Dontre Hamilton according to an announcement Monday. Hamilton was shot 14 times over a 3-second period while beating the officer with the officer’s own baton.

The confrontation began when Starbucks employees called police about a homeless man – Dontre Hamilton – who was sleeping by a trailer they were working out of. Police who were called earlier decided to leave him there because he wasn’t hurting anyone. Officer Manney had no knowledge of that at the time.

The officer was fired because he did not follow department procedures for dealing with emotionally disturbed people.

The officer, Christopher Manney, did not use excessive force when he shot Hamilton 14 times, Milwaukee Chief Flynn said; rather, the officer did not follow department rules in the moments leading up to the shooting.

Manney decided Hamilton was dangerous “based solely on observations of apparent mental illness, absent any overt actions on the part of Mr. Hamilton,” Flynn said.

Hamilton was Schizophrenic.

The officer came up behind Hamilton, held him, and patted him down which instigated the verbal confrontation. He was supposed to wait for an overt action.

Officers now have to leave the mentally ill alone until after they hurt someone or damage something. In this case, as it turned out, Hamilton obviously was dangerous.

The decision to fire the officer was based on a rule. Rules can always be found to justify anything. The firing leaves him open to a civil rights charge.

In the past, internal investigations like this were never decided and publicized before the decision to charge or not charge, which is based on the DA’s separate investigation.

This case was the first one under a newly passed law that requires an outside agency – Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation – a more political organization – to lead the investigation.

Politics has infiltrated local police departments and that is in no small part due to the influence of the Department of Justice.

All will deny it but the firing was most likely political and cowardly. They were going to find a broken rule on which to base the firing no matter what.

The department is going to increase police training on handling the mentally ill as a result of this case. Hopefully, they will include the fact that many are actually dangerous and are threats to the public. Being mentally ill shouldn’t give one a pass to hurt others or interfere with business.

The message is out to police forces nationwide that if you shoot a black person, you will be fired and harassed.

Wannabe civil rights stars and an angry family, who let the deceased live on the streets, wanted to see the officer who shot Dontre Hamilton indicted for murder after killing Hamilton in self-defense.

The U.S. Department of Justice will undertake a federal review of the Dontre Hamilton case, according to a press release sent Monday afternoon.

The release said they’ll review the case to determine whether, under federal civil rights laws, there is a legal and factual basis upon which a federal civil rights prosecution may occur.

The review will be conducted by the FBI, the Office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, and the Civil Rights Division.

The DOJ appears to be looking for a civil rights case against police, especially white police officers. They look like they are on a countrywide fishing expedition.

“My family, we’ve cried too long,” said Dontre Hamilton’s brother Nate. “As a people, we’re done crying. We’re not gonna cover up injustice with our tears. We deserve justice. Justice is our right.”

Many Black leaders want officers indicted in the shooting deaths of any and all black men regardless of their guilt and they are not willing to let the legal system decide.

Instead of explaining how the law enforcement system works and how a resolution comes about, they are stirring the masses which will lead to more hatred against police and to more deaths of police officers.

Speaking at the courthouse, James Hall Jr. of the NAACP criticized Chisholm’s decision, saying it “harkens back to the days of Jim Crow, when a black life could be taken without impunity.”

The protesters can be seen in the video below. They include the usual leftist suspects who exploit tragedies and the families of the deceased to create anarchy.

The communist front organization, the National Lawyer’s Guild is advertising for clients among the protesters. They are undoubtedly behind them as they were behind all the Occupy Wall Street protests.

communist NLG

Read Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s statement on the protests:

“I want to alert the public of information that has come to our attention regarding the potential of disruptive tactics. A credible source has informed us that several anarchist groups led by outside persons, are gathering in the Milwaukee area to plan disruptive activities both before and after the decision by Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm regarding the Dontre Hamilton case. The information indicates that the groups have exploited the tragic situation involving the death of Mr. Hamilton, to destabilize daily activities of law-abiding citizens in public and private spaces open to the public. This includes the use of blockades on the interstate system and around other roadways to prevent law enforcement from responding quickly to emergency situations. These leftist groups use the tactic of hiding among legitimate peaceful protestors to conduct their illegitimate campaign.”

From the 911 call that day:

Manney: “1246. Shots fired. Shots fired. Officer-involved. Guy started beating me. Started beating me my baton. Started hitting me in the head with my own baton. Shots fired. Uh, Starbucks. Starbucks. Help right now. Uh, send me medical too. He’s gonna need medical. Shots multiple times to the chest. Black male. He’s about 20. Starbucks at Kilbourn and Water. I need medical.”

A national use-of-force expert who reviewed the case quoted Manney as saying that Hamilton “didn’t flinch” after the first bullet.

That caused Manney to ask himself, “Am I shooting a f—ing BB gun?” because the shots weren’t stopping Hamilton as quickly as he thought they should.

The expert writes that Manney may have experienced a ‘distortion of time’ that is typical of officers in high stress situations.

After the decision to not file charges, a press conference was held. “Multiple witnesses heard multiple commands throughout the encounter,” according to the Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm. It was “stop, get down, stop. There were variations of that.”

Officer Manney took out his baton and Hamilton grabbed it and began beating the officer with it. That’s when the fatal shots were fired. The DA came to the conclusion that a reasonable officer in his circumstances would be allowed use of force.

One area of concern was the number of shots fired – 14. The DA explained that there is no standard requiring an officer stop and reassess after firing an “x” number of shots. The national standard is officers fire to stop the threat as long as the threat is present.

It only takes 3 seconds to fire 14 shots. All witnesses said the officer stopped firing as soon as Mr. Hamilton went to the ground.

There is no case for murder or any charge.

Our new law enforcement system is one engulfed in politics.

Governor Scott Walker is making preparations to have the National Guard step in. At least 25% of the protesters are from “out of town” at last Friday’s “rally” which resulted mass arrests. The “peaceful protesters” shut down the I-43.

shutting down I-43

When the DOJ refused to indict the New Black Panthers for bullying voters at a Pennsylvania polling station, DOJ lawyer J. Christian Adams resigned. Adams accused the Justice Department of racial bias by dropping the New Black Panthers case. He also accused Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez of lying under oath in investigative hearings before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. On July 6, 2010, Adams testified before the Commission on Civil Rights that the Justice Department’s decision was driven by racial bias against white Americans.

That anti-white tone has filtered down as has the anti-police mantra.

It’s trickle down social justice.