DoJ Might Not Be Able to Make It Easy for Illegals to Vote After All – For Now


Voting Booths

Every time a foreigner votes illegally, s/he is stealing the vote of one American but that is what the left wants to see happen. They got slapped down in court this week trying to do exactly that – at least for now.

It’s now well-known that left, – very left-wing – organizations, including the League of Women Voters, the ACLU and our own Department of Justice (DoJ) asked a judge hand down a temporary restraining order barring the US Election Assistance Commission from instructing residents of Alabama, Georgia, and Kansas that they must comply with state laws requiring proof-of-citizenship when they register to vote.

They want the national registration form, which requires little in the way of identification, to omit any mention of state laws which ask for verification of citizenship.

The DoJ and other leftists want illegal aliens to decide our president in November.

The Supreme Court has already ruled on it and the decision was to allow states with citizenship requirements to demand it be put on the national registration forms aka Motor Voter. They mostly operate on an honor system and have been used to register ineligible voters.

The case is explained in more depth here.

On Tuesday, DC federal district court Judge Richard Leon denied the request.

Hans von Spakovsky reported on the decision at National Review Online.

Judge Leon said the plaintiffs will not suffer irreparable harm before the scheduled March 9 hearing. He also doesn’t believe they demonstrated a likelihood that they would be successful in their suit.

Things could change on and after March 9th but this ruling is apparently unprecedented because of the DoJ backing and that is a good sign.

Judge Leon also castigated the DoJ’s behavior in the litigation.