DoJ Tells Congress What They Can Ask Informant, Lou Dobbs Asks If Sessions Is Crooked


The DoJ apparently doesn’t respect the separation of powers and will tell the congressional committees investigating Uranium One the parameters of the interview with the informant.

Lou Dobbs discussed it on his show with Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer. He immediately brought up the Mueller probe and what appears to be utter corruption.

Mueller wants documents surrounding the firing of James Comey and Dobbs addressed that, calling the Mueller probe a “farce”.

Schweizer said he supported the Russia probe in the beginning but it has “gone well beyond the scope.” All he wanted was an investigation of Uranium One.

“We know the FBI field offices looked at this,” Schweizer said. “This was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. We know that they went to the Obama Department of Justice asking for subpoenas and powers to investigate further and they were blocked. And that’s where it has been stuck, really, since then.” He says he hopes that Congress looking into it will help.

Dobbs doesn’t have much faith in the congressional committees since they haven’t achieved anything in the past.

A frustrated Dobbs said, “I’ve watched Congressional committees from Fast and Furious to Benghazi and the list goes on. I don’t believe for a moment these committees will do work worthy of anything.”

“And until we have a grand jury and until we have a Justice Department investigation, and the cowards and the knaves who lead the Department of Justice, their souls will go to Hell for what they’re doing here or not doing.”

Dobbs segued into the testimony by the informant that will be preceded by a DoJ lecture defining the topics and lines of questioning.

Who are they to tell Congress what they can ask?

Schweizer said, “This is truly bizarre. You’ve got these three congressional committees, House Intelligence, House Oversight and Senate Judiciary, that want to meet with this whistleblower and they are an independent branch of government.”

“And the Department of Justice is basically saying, ‘Well hold on, before you talk with him, we want to talk to you and essentially they want to, I think, apparently frame what they think the committee should hear.'” Schweizer said it is “ridiculous.”

Dobbs asked, seething, “Is Jeff Sessions crooked?”

Schweizer said,  “Who knows what their motivation is” and pointed to the obvious, the Attorney General has not taken a leadership role.

Sounds like corruption or maybe he’s unaware.

Dobbs wonders if Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Andrew Weissmann, and Robert Mueller are crooked. Schweizer hopes the whistleblower will help answer that question.

Dobbs ended expressing some anger that Congress was allowing the DoJ to tell them what they can ask.



  1. If Congress makes any complaints we will know it is for show since Grassley was extremely emphatic that they would NOT allow a replacement for Sessions. If they WERE serious they would allow Trump to replace both Sessions AND Rosenstein and nominate someone who would fulfill the Duties of the Office.

    • Many do not realize that the senate has threatened Trump to leave Sessions alone.

      Sessions is an oath violator. There is no investigation around the corner.

  2. Talk about separation of powers… Grassley, congress can not tell the president what to do regarding his selections for department heads.

    If we’ve learned anything during the Obama regime years it is this… Congress, the legislative branch of government, has allowed themselves to be made impotent. They literally allowed subpoenas to be ignored, refusals to give testimony, nobody was held accountable. They should ALL have been arrested, not a one was.

    Remember, Eric Holder was held criminally and civilly in contempt of Congress. What is the Constitutional consequence of being held in contempt? REMOVAL FROM OFFICE…Did that happen? It did not.

    Just as congress had abdicated its power as the legislative branch of government, so has Sessions abdicated his role as head of the DOJ. It does not matter whether he is either protecting fellow swamp rats or lacks the courage to do his job. In either event, Sessions should be replaced by somebody with the courage to do what MUST be done.

    Currently, our FBI, DOJ, IRS, DOE and likely every other federal alphabet soup department is INFESTED with members of the Deep State, traitors to our Republic. This is either remedied NOW, or it will never be righted. There will never be another opportunity to cleanse or nation of enemies within.

    • Yes the US attorney for DC was required by law to initiate proceedings against Holder, but did not. Republican leaders said and did nothing.

      At this time the focus should be on how to remove Sessions, rather than his motives.

  3. The DOJ can’t tell Congress what they can and can’t ask. In fact, Congress has oversight over the DOJ. The DOJ gets its funding from Congress so this would be the tail wagging the dog. I find it funny (sad) that the DOJ now has the balls to try and set “the lane” that congress can act within when it comes to this witness but gave Mueller free reign to investigate anything from Russia to whether someone in the Trump campaign got a speeding ticket that they didn’t pay 15 years ago. I wonder if Sessions made this call or one of his underling layover (swamp) employees from the Obama administration that knows what is under the rug. It has amazed me that in these FOIA requests certain departments like DOJ and State stonewall not only groups like Judicial Watch and ACLJ but the courts that have sided in the followup lawsuits. You would think under the Trump administration this info would be flowing. Either the swampsters have threatened people such as Sessions with info they have on them that will be leaked or Sessions is incompetent.

  4. I look forward to the time when Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, and Mueller, (disgraced as a former U.S. Marine Officer), share a cell in federal penitentiary.
    Comey, involved in criminal conduct during the Clinton-Russia payoffs and Clinton email corruption, winked at Rosenstein, (who is an active Democratic proponent), who immediately with out probable cause, appointed Mueller, (who was criminally active in the Clinton cash payoffs).
    Old Baseball Fans will recognize that this fraudulent RICO operation was faster & slicker than “Tinker to Evers to Chance”. Are you kidding me, folks?!

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