Donald Trump, Middle America Revolutionary


Whether people want to believe it or not, we are engaged in a civil war only one side is fighting. In the midst of what seemed a hopeless cultural landslide from the left, along came a most unusual hero to lead our nation.

President Trump is Middle America’s revolutionary hero.

Donald Trump Jr. called his father a “blue collar billionaire” and he is that. Pat Buchanan calls him the “Middle America Radical.” He is that too.

Buchanan’s article in Townhall is a must-read. In describing Trump, Buchanan begins with quotes by Frank Cannon in The Federalist.


In a Federalist essay, “Trump Isn’t a Conservative — And That’s a Good Thing,” Frank Cannon comes close to the mark.

Trump, he writes, “would more accurately be described as a ‘radical anti-progressive'” who is “at war with the progressives who have co-opted American civil society.” Moreover, Trump “is willing to go further than any other previous conservative to defeat them.”

Many “elite conservatives,” writes Cannon, believe the “bedrock institutions” they treasure are “not subject to the same infectious politicization to which the rest of society has succumbed.”

This belief is naive, says Cannon, “ridiculous on its face.”

“Radical anti-progressives” recognize that many institutions — the academy, media, entertainment and the courts — have been co-opted and corrupted by the left. And as these institutions are not what they once were, they no longer deserve the respect they once had.

This comes at a time when we desperately need a champion.

As Buchanan writes, we see the reluctance to criticize the institutions by so many who were bathed in respect for them from birth, but that was before the hallowed institutions began to erode. He mentions the “cradle Catholics” who can’t say a word against the church, even as scandals eat away at it.


Buchanan writes: Trump sees many institutions as fortresses lately captured by radical progressives that must be attacked and besieged if they are to be recaptured and liberated. Cannon deals with three such politicized institutions: the media, the NFL, and the courts.

Trump does not attack freedom of the press but rather the moral authority and legitimacy of co-opted media institutions. It is what CNN has become, not what CNN was, that Trump disrespects.

These people are political enemies posturing as journalists who create “fake news” to destroy me, says Trump. Enraged media, responding, reveal themselves to be not far removed from what Trump says they are.

And, since Trump, media credibility has plummeted.

Buchanan is equally eloquent in clarifying Trump’s brilliance in explaining his taking on the “untouchable NFL”. The President knew Middle America would side with him against their “taking a knee”.

The author also deals with the courts.

Trump has not attacked an independent judiciary, but courts like the Ninth Circuit, controlled by progressives and abusing their offices to advance progressive goals, and federal judges using lifetime tenure and political immunity to usurp powers that belong to the president — on immigration, for example.

Among the reasons Congress is disrespected is that it let the Supreme Court seize its power over social policy and convert itself into a judicial dictatorship — above Congress.


There was a “red scare”, Buchanan says, and heroes like Jack Kennedy, Joe McCarthy, and Richard Nixon went after them when that was what was needed.

Though the latter two were much reviled, they did terrify the Progressives — the Communists. While McCarthy might have been too unkind or had gone too far, he wasn’t wrong. Do you see it now?

Buchanan does a better job of explaining it and expands on the subject. It’s well worth reading HERE.

While President Trump doesn’t speak with Kennedy’s eloquence, he speaks to the common man. While he doesn’t follow the rules, what better time for an iconoclast? Those who don’t see him as courageous, only need to look at the abuse he takes for a Middle America being drowned in a sea of elitist leftists who are corrupting all that made us what we are.

Don’t look at the President through the eyes of the media or the left, look at him through your eyes.

Middle America has not had a voice and President Trump has given us one. Americans couldn’t fight back, so he does it for us. We had no weapons, and he gave us the bully pulpit and twitter.

President Trump is our unpolished JFK.

Listen to JFK’s “secret society” speech. We would do well to remember it now.


hat tip Jon Thompson


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