Donald Trump Raised a Red Flag on His Candidacy Tuesday


After Mitt Romney lost in 2012, Republicans met and held an autopsy on their record of losses in the presidential elections. At the end of the autopsy they concluded that to succeed they must work with Democrats. We can all see how that’s worked out – not well. The Democrat party got rid of their Blue Dogs and moved very far left to become the Democrat-Socialist party which they no longer see as radical.

Socialism demands overturning Capitalism though crony capitalism aka crony corporatism aka crony socialism is fine.

The point is there is no working with Democrats who see themselves as far left. In order to win our country back, we need a strong opposition which the established Republicans have refused to present.

They tried to force Jeb Bush on us and Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard made a good point on that issue this week. He said that Bush is a constant reminder of what established Republicans stand for and what the public has rejected. It’s time for Bush to leave the race and let the party reconstitute. Bush is part of the reason we have Trump and he’s a constant reminder of why people believe we need a Trump.

Obama has had seven years to infiltrate every government agency, politicize them, fill them up with leftist employees, empower leftist union leaders, and it will take a very strong person to turn these rogue executive agencies back to what they were meant to be.

Many see Trump as the savior, however, something he just said Tuesday raises alarm especially given the large number of liberal Republicans who are warming up to him or downright endorsing him. The Sentinel does not come out for or against any Republican candidate prior to the primary but it’s important for all the facts to be out and we would like to know your opinion on this.

On Morning Joe this morning, Trump said that he could and would work with the far-left Democrats. He cited his good relationships with Pelosi, Schumer, and Reid as evidence of this.

Do we want someone who will deal with the Democrats? We are trying to save our country.

Trump made the point that you have to go along to get along. That is what Republicans have been doing.

“It’s wonderful to say you’re a maverick, and you’re going to stand up and close up the country, but you have to get somebody to go along with you,” the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, taking a dig at his nearest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“You have a lot of people,” Trump continued. “We have a system. The Founders created the system that actually is a very good system. It does work, but it can’t work if you can’t get nobody to go along with you,” continuing that the inability for Cruz to get along with them is a problem.

Not getting along with a liar like Mitch McConnell and compromising liberal Republicans is not a negative in the eyes of many.

Is Trump going to make deals or compromise with these leftists as Republicans have done for seven years?

“If I weren’t running for office I would be able to deal with her or anybody,” said Trump of Pelosi. “I think I could get along very well with Nancy Pelosi and just about everybody. I think I’ll get along well with Chuck Schumer. I was close to Schumer in many ways.”

Every deal that Republicans have made have been bad deals and ideologically left – far-left.

Don’t forget that Trump is not ideological and changes his mind dramatically and has done so recently on key issues. A number of other things Trump said this morning are not true. Cruz is not weak on illegal immigration and his strength in supporting the Constitution is very important to those of us who are constitutionalists.

Many of Trump’s stances are conservative but he is not a conservative. Conservatives don’t need a conservative, they need someone to move us away from this path of Marxist ideology.


So what do you think? What are we looking at here?

Ted Cruz made a good point this week. He said if Donald Trump wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, he could be unstoppable. The only candidate who is close to Trump is Cruz. He is the one who could stop Trump.

The only thing that will stop Trump is another candidate and Cruz is in the lead. Some say that Cruz is self-promoting but every candidate has to do that to win.


Joy Behar, socialist maven, is starting to warm up to Trump. That doesn’t warm the cockles of my heart.


  1. I agree Behar warming up to Trump is scary.

    Since last summer we have heard rumors more than once that the establishment has decided to work with Trump and then the next week we get word of a plan afoot to take Trump out.

    As such, we now have Trump talking about how the Republican establishment is now warming up to him and how he could work with Democrats.

    I have no doubt that looking through Trump lenses Progressives have made his life as such that he would welcome their warming up to him. After all, he is human and everyone wants to be liked. However, Trump’s achilles heel is that he is a narcissist. Trump loves Trump which means Trump wants everyone else to love Trump.

    What are the odds that Progressives are playing that card to take him out once and for all?

    What are the odds that the Progressive establishment of both parties in collusion with the likes of National Review are playing good cop, bad cop?

    The establishment has been at war with Trump since last summer and one thing Barack Obama has taught us as well as the GOP leadership and that’s if they achieve their goal the first time, they come at it from another angle. Personally, I think the timing is suspect. Trump can jump on that, I’ll work with them bandwagon if he wants, it will be to his detriment. The American voter is watching.

  2. From Sultan Knish— A conservatism disconnected from actual people is never going to mean anything. Unpopular policies are a self-evident dead end. And organizing an opposition is not the same thing as proving you have the right to replace the thing you’re opposing. Among other things, that means cleaning house and having less tolerance for scandals and corruption. It also means becoming less dependent on non-conservative populist acts that blow with the wind to convey conservative messages.

    Conservatives have revolutionary ideas. But they let the opportunity at building a revolution slip away leaving behind a dissatisfied base. That mistake cannot and should not be made a second time.

  3. The more Trump talks, the more I dislike what I HEAR. The key is to LISTEN to what he is actually saying and not get caught up in the excitement. The campaign is beginning to remind me of 2007 when a dangerous narcissist promised to “fundamentally transform AMERICA” and has kept his promise. AMERICA was exceptional; great. Was anyone actually LISTENING?

  4. Too much has already been surrendered. It is time to get the encroachements stopped, then begin the process to end all of these national programs.

    You want Free Stuff? Move to a state that can and will give them to you.

    Even if further damage is prevented, it will take some time to win back the industrial advantage in America. People don’t have to work when they can live off of the dole.

    Let’s ‘lean out’ the Free Stuff immediately and get them totally gone in less than a lifetime. It will be difficult, but survival is at hand. I don’t care if the government goes broke IF it goes away, and that’s the rub. It won’t go away and we get the clean of their turds.

    Repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments.

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