Donna Brazile Feared for Her Life After the Seth Rich Murder


Donna Brazile’s book “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House,” reveals the Democrat operative was haunted by the mysterious death of DNC staffer Seth Rich, so much so that she feared for her life.

She shut the blinds so snipers couldn’t see her.

Mr. Rucker of The Washington Post shared the excerpt from her book:

Brazile describes her mounting anxiety about Russia’s theft of emails and other data from DNC servers, the slow process of discovering the full extent of the cyberattacks and the personal fallout. She likens the feeling to having rats in your basement: “You take measures to get rid of them, but knowing they are there, or have been there, means you never feel truly at peace.”

Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her and installing surveillance cameras at her home. She wonders whether Russians had placed a listening device in plants in the DNC executive suite.

At first, Brazile writes of the hacking, top Democratic officials were “encouraging us not to talk about it.” But she says a wake-up moment came when she visited the White House in August 2016, for President Obama’s 55th birthday party. National security adviser Susan E. Rice and former attorney general Eric Holder separately pulled her aside quietly to urge her to take the Russian hacking seriously, which she did, she writes.

While there is no explanation as to why she was afraid, other than her fear of Russians, it does lend some credibility to the storyline that Seth Rich was the leaker and was murdered to silence him or he knew something he shouldn’t have known.

Remember when the left called anyone who suggested that ‘conspiracy theorists’?

The Democrats lie their butts off.

You know what else is interesting? The fact that the DNC wouldn’t let the FBI go through their servers which they say were hacked is very interesting and needs to be investigated. They turned it over to CrowdStrike which was selected by Fusion GPS. The FBI accepted that?

Something is rotten in the state of America.


  1. Those servers are just as corrupted as the political parties and are useless. What a metaphor of our problems.

    James Comey was and is an idiot. It truly is a swamp. The United States of America wanes and liberty is no longer recognized as God and our founders attempted to limit the power of national government.

    Why should the U. S. A. be any less susceptible to what political power seekers have done each and every time in other countries for as long as man has existed?

    The Bible tells the history of mankind and the folly of man’s knowledge vs. God’s wisdom. It’s called the Good News.

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