Don’t Believe That ‘Lone Wolf’ Lie: Another Truck Bomb Found Near Nice


truck bomb

Won’t Barack Obama have to call for the banning of trucks?

One thing needs to be clarified. There is no such thing as a ‘lone wolf’ or a ‘self-radicalized Islamic terrorist’.

The solo jihadist is what the terror networks have called for all along. Some are tied more intimately to the terror group and others are not but it is irrelevant and a way of minimizing what is happening.

There is nothing random about it and the underlying framework is the same and it is what propels it – a distorted and radicalized view of Islamism.

The label is only semantics that trivializes and belies the reality we face. As with all evil, evil seeks evil and they find it on social media, in radical mosques (yes, they do exist), and it doesn’t simply happen when they wake up one day as some innocent who changed overnight.

Until we understand the enemy, we won’t defeat the enemy.

ISIS in particular is attracting the most evil people from around the globe and must be stopped. Personally, we should not care if they had bad childhoods, are poor or need jobs. That is the Marxist economic ploy that has been proven wrong time and again. One of the poorest nations in the world is Bangladesh and they are among the nicest and least violent of people though the terrorists have now found them. Many terrorists are rich or have good jobs. They are evil, plain and simple. Who cares if they are not normal and need therapy?

The nomenclature of a “self-radicalized” “lone wolf” gives the false impression that there really isn’t anything we can do to stop them, they come up with it on their own, and there is no way to know who they are.  (For more on the myth of the “lone wolf” and its “‘no terrorism here’ usage,” Andrew McCarthy has a phenomenal article here.)

“France: Another truck bomb parked near Nice defused, Muslim suspect arrested,” By Robert Spencer, July 15, 2016

All-out war. All-out jihad. But France, says its Prime Minister, is just going to have to get used to it.

The French Special Forces defused an explosive-laden truck parked on a highway near Nice, local media reports. A bomb disposal operation was conducted on a highway near Nice where a truck attack occurred Thursday night.

French police have detained one person during a search raid of the suspected driver’s house, who careened through crowds of people in Nice on Thursday night, iTele TV channel reports.

“We have seen policemen in masks take someone away, we don’t know who it was,” an iTele correspondent reported.

The correspondent also confirmed, that a bomb squad detonated a suspicious parcel while raiding a truck parked near the house….

Forget the idea of ‘Lone Wolf’.



  1. Lone wolf or not, it is islam which commands these idiots to kill us…those in Nice aren’t any *less* dead because he wasn’t associated with ISIS.

    IT’S ISLAM that must be eradicated!

    Make Mecca a crater and let them realize that their mantra, “Allah is greater” just ain’t so….




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